Schools in Vienna

As a major centre of education in Austria, Vienna has numerous educational units and scientific facilities. Over 67,000 children attend day-care centres or other private establishments. Many of these pre-school institutions provide a valuable bilingual education (German/English). There is a range of private, fee-based international schools to choose from, both primary and secondary, offering American, British, French and other curricula. Vienna’s excellent higher education system includes nine public and six private universities, the largest and oldest of them being the University of Vienna. A network of vocational higher education institutions also operate in the city. Adult education, whose importance has long been recognised and supported in Vienna, is delivered through different institutions, including business associations, the labour market exchange and non-profit adult education institutions borne by interest representations.

Address: Garnisongasse 1
Website: Phone: +43 1 403 80 83
Email: German language study centre located in a beautiful old-style building in the university quarter. Features: Intensive and part-time German courses at all levels.
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Address: Wattmanngasse 15
Website: Phone: +43 1 877 67 01
Email: German language study centre offering extensive language training. Features: General German at all levels from complete beginners to proficiency students
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Address: Schwarzenbergplatz 16
Website: Phone: +43 1 503 69 69
Email: Leading German language school situated in the heart of Vienna. Features: Examination preparation courses for Zertifikat Deutsch.
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Address: Salmannsdorferstrasse 47
Website: Phone: +43 1 40 13 20
Email: Private English language school located in the fashionable 19th district of Vienna close to to the famous Vienna Woods. Features: General English and specialised business courses.
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Address: Zum weissen Kreuz 4
Website: Phone: +43 1 370 25 70
Email: Anglo-Austrian language school organising various cultural immersion programmes and courses abroad. Features: International exchanges and cultural immersion programs.
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Address: Operngasse 4
Website: Phone: +43 1 512 77 20
Email: Austro-American centre of language training and cultural promotion guaranteeing high standards of education. Features: Courses for international students who want to improve their proficiency in German.
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Address: Wickenburgasse 19
Website: Phone: +43 1 406 11 41
Email: Austro-British language school providing quality English and German courses led by professional native teachers. Features: Language for specific purposes.
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Address: Troststraße 50
Website: Phone: +43 1 604 39 11
Email: International language school offering a great range of immersion programs. Features: Various language classes in French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese and Russian.
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Address: Kinderspitalgasse 5
Website: Phone: +43 1 586 37 03
Email: Private centre of vocational training and language excellence providing varied courses for working adults. Features: Apprentice education and training , company courses and individual lessons.
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Address: Trattnerhof 2
Website: Phone: +43 1 533 70 010
Email: Centre of Excellence in Language Training offering quality courses for companies and individuals. Features: Special courses focused on business vocabulary.
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Address: Mariahilfer Straße 97
Website: Phone: +43 1 59 56 111
Email: Prestigious centre of British language and culture preparing to Cambridge exams. Features: Courses preparing to FCE, CAE, KET and CPE.
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Address: Bauernmarkt 18
Website: Phone: +43 1 533 24 93
Email: Renowned German language school situated just a short distance to all of the city's major sights . Features: General and intensive German courses at all levels.
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Address: Guderunstrasse 184
Website: Phone: +43 1 720 31 10
Email: Private international school providing bilingual education from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. Features: Extensive English curriculum and International Baccalaureate program.
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Address: Opernring 1
Website: Phone: +43 1 585 73 13
Email: German language study centre with a large educational offer. Features: Special German summer courses for foreigners.
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Address: Mollardgasse 8/12
Website: Phone: +43 1 943 36 99
Email: Official centre of German culture and language training. Features: ZD exam preparation.
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Address: Schottenfledgasse 13-15
Website: Phone: +43 1 27 24 207
Email:; Small and friendly further education school providing various language and vocational courses. Features: English courses focused on speaking and communication.
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Address: Johannesgasse 16
Website: Phone: +43 1 2 12 80 30
Email: International language school offering a great range of immersion programs. Features: Various language classes at different levels in Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.
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Address: Kannalstrasse 44
Website: Phone:
Email: English language school offering a wide range of language classes for children. Features: Small groups and individual lessons.
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Address: Baumgartnerstr 44 A
Website: Phone: +43 1 667 45 79
Email: Private English language school specialising in courses for kids. Features: Well equipped classes and interesting extra-curricular activities.
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Website: Phone:
Email: Virtual language school providing quality online English courses. Features: English training through Skype led by qualified native teachers.
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