Austrian Belvedere Gallery

Town: Vienna Address: Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 27 Phone: +43 1 795570 e-mail: Price: 8 - 10 EUR
Set southeast of Karlsplatz, the Belvedere is located on a slope above Vienna. Following designs by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, the Belvedere was erected as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy. The complex comprises two palatial structures each built of a series of interlocking cubes. The interiors are dominated by flowing staircases. Of particular note is the Gold Salon as well as the regal French-style garden. Unteres Belvedere, or Lower Belvedere, is a structure of around 1714–16, while Oberes Belvedere, or Upper Belvedere, was commenced in 1721.
The compopser Anton Bruckner lived in one of the buildings until 1896. The palace also served as the residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In 1955, the Allied powers signed the peace treaty which recognised Austria's sovereignity in Upper Belvedere. The document is displayed in a large salon set in red marble. Lower Belvedere contains a Museum of Baroque Art, displaying for instance the sculptures from the Neuer Markt fountain, pieces by Georg Raphael Donner and works by 18th-century painter Franz Anton Maulbertsch. Upper Belvedere houses the Gallery of 19th- and 20th-Century art, with Secessionist works, including pieces by Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918) and Egon Schiele (1890 –1918).