Pasqualati House

Town: Vienna Address: Mölker Bastei 8 Phone: +43 1 535 8905 Price: 0 - 2 EUR
Beethoven (1770 – 1827) lived in the Pasqualati House from 1804 to 1814. Here, he is known to have composed his 'Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Symphonies', as well as 'Fidelio', and an array of other works. The site primarily includes family portraits and the composer's scores.
Ludwig von Beethoven, a native of Bonn, Germany, first visited Vienna in 1787 to study under Mozart. Two weeks passed, and his mother's health made him return to Germany. Five years later he made his second journey to Vienna to continue his studies, at that time with Antonio Salieri and Joseph Haydn. According to Count Waldstein, one of his patrons, Beethoven came to Vienna to take “Mozart's spirit from the hands of Haydn.” As the protégé of Waldstein, he found the doors of Viennese society open to him. Despite his republican leanings and irritable behavior, he was much loved by the aristocracy. His restless nature made him change homes 79 times during his 35 years in Vienna.