Historical Museum of Vienna

Town: Vienna Address: Karlsplatz 4 Phone: +43 1 505 8747 e-mail: office@wienmuseum.at Price: 0 - 4 EUR The Historical Museum of Vienna unfolds the entire panorama of Old Vienna's history, from the time the prehistoric tribes settled in the Danube basin. This site features Roman relics, artifacts from the reign of the dukes of Babenberg, as well as an array of memorabilia from the Habsburg sovereignty, along with arms and armor from various historical periods. A scale model shows Vienna from the Habsburg's heyday. The site also includes pottery and ceramics from the Roman era, 14th-Century stained glass, mementos of the Turkish sieges of 1529 and 1683, and examples of Biedermeier furniture. The museum also houses a section on Art Nouveau.