Imperial Treasury

Town: Vienna Address: Schweizerhof Phone: +43 1 525 240 Price: 0 - 8 EUR Known for a staircase from the Swiss Court, the Schatzkammer is the world's greatest treasury. It features two sections, the Imperial Profane and Sacerdotal Treasuries, the site's first section displays the crown jewels and imperial riches, while the second holds ecclesiastical treasures. The most significant exhibit in the Schatzkammer is the 'Imperial Crown', dating from AD 962. Lavishly adorned with emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and rubies, the 1,000-year-old symbol of sovereignty was even recognised by Adolf Hitler, who had it relocated to Nürnberg in 1938. Some of the displayed coronation robes date from the 12th Century. The 19th-century saber of Charlemagne and 18th-century holy lance are also on display. The Burgundian Treasure, dating from the 15th Century, is rich in vestments, oil paintings and gems. The highlights of the collection are artefacts associated with the Order of the Golden Fleece.