Jewish Museum

Town: Vienna Address: Dorotheergasse 11 Phone: +43 1 535 0431 e-mail: Price: 4 - 7 EUR The Jewish Museum is the main museum of the history of Viennese Jews. Unlike the annex at Judenplatz, the museum opened in 1993 in the former Eskeles Palace, which was among the patrician town houses of Vienna. Displaying both temporary and permanent exhibitions the site concentrates on tracing the major part which Jews played in the history of Vienna until the Holocaust startup in 1938. The displays present the Jewish contributions in such fields as philosophy, music, medicine and psychiatry, represented by Sigmund Freud, who escaped the Holocaust by fleeing to London. This museum houses many objects rescued from Vienna's private synagogues and oncealed from the Nazis in 1938. Many other exhibits come from Vienna's old Jewish Museum, closed since 1938.