Franz Sacher

This Vienna-born Jewish baker, whose surname is on the lips of Viennese café and confiserie customers every day, created the most famous chocolate cake in the world. The Original Sacher-Torte was first prepared in 1832 on request of the Lord of Metternich, and was intended to be a fine dessert for his guests. Franz, only 16 years old at the time, served as an apprentice for the prince's court, and was substituting for the ill chef on that day. He did his best not to disappoint the lord. As a result, this soft and fluffy chocolate cake with a tasty apricot jam layer began its career, its recipe kept secret ever since. After his apprenticeship, Sacher joined the Count of Esterhazy as a journeyman, travelling first to Bratislava, then to Budapest. Eventually, he started his own business offering his delicious cake. Franz had a son, Eduard, who in 1876 opened the luxurious Hotel Sacher in the city, close to the Opera. Franz Sacher died in Baden bei Wien.