Oskar Werner

His real name was Oskar Josef Bschließmayer, and he was born in Vienna's Gumpendorf, a neighbourhood in the sixth district, Mariahilf. Considered an excellent actor, he began his career in the 1950s on the stages of Western European theatres, and also starring in several films. By the age of 18, he made his debut at the prestigious Burgtheater. During World War II, he was forced to put on a uniform and fight for the Axis army, though he took his first chance to desert. Among the many roles that he played, there was his exceptional performance in 'Hamlet', which Werner also directed and staged at the Salzburg Festival with his Theater Ensemble. As for his film career, he received a Golden Globe for his supporting role in 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold' (1965), as well as a nomination for 'Voyage of the Damned '(1976). Oskar Werner also made an appearance on the TV crime series 'Columbo' in 1975. Sadly, the actor's addiction to alcohol became commonly known in the last years of his life. He died of a heart attack, shortly before giving a lecture at a drama club in Germany.