Siegfried Marcus

This German-born automobile pioneer spent most of his life in Vienna, where he moved in 1852. With his previously gained experience at the Siemens & Halske Company in Berlin, he found employment at the renowned mechanic company Craft & Son as an assistant. Later, he worked for the Imperial-Royal Physical Institute and the Imperial Geological Institution. In 1856, he opened his own telegraph engineering workshop, located on Mariahilferstraße. He also improved the telegraph system, and in 1867, he was awarded with a Silver Medal at the World Exposition in Paris. It was in 1870 that Marcus built the first prototype of a motorcar. In 1887, cooperation between Marcus and the Moravian Company Märky, Bromovsky & Schulz began, lasting until his death. The major result of this cooperation was the building of the Second Marcus Car in 1889. All in all, the engineer patented 131 inventions recognised in 16 countries.