Schools in Brussels

From nursery schools to universities, educational opportunities in Brussels are abundant. Since Brussels operates as a bilingual city where both Dutch and French are the official languages, all local schools provide education in either one or the other and each one teaches the basics  of the other language. A center of international presence in the post-war period, Brussels has a number of international schools, among them the International School of Brussels and the three European Schools for children of parents working in the EU institutions. These provide education along British, American, French, German, Dutch, Scandinavian and even Japanese lines. Brussels is home to several universities and two drama schools. In addition, there is a choice of nine major Business Schools where students receive a quality training and education.

Address: Chaussee de Waterloo 717
Website: Phone: +32 2 347 44 11  
Email: Established language school offering a wide range of language courses. Features: Private and group courses for individuals, companies and embassies.
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Address: Rue des Résédas 25
Website: Phone: +32 2 520 94 35
Email: Language school teaching foreign languages through auto-hypnosis. Features: Wider range of non-European languages, all of which can be studied from the beginning.
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Address: Rue de la Loi 26
Website: Phone: +32 2 502 46 49
Email: French-run school offering classic French language courses. Features: Various courses at all levels in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish.
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Address: Rue Maurice Charlent, 37
Website: Phone: +32 2 675 1147
Email: Renowned private language school specialising in customised courses tailored to suit the individual needs of the students. Features: Intensive summer courses in French, Dutch & English
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Address: rue du Trône 14-16
Website: Phone: +32 2 640 68 50
Email: Language school teaching French and English through a conversational technique. Features: Wide range of general and intensive courses.
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Address: Rue du Congrès 13
Website: Phone: +32 2 512 91 38
Email: Renowned private French company offering over 70 language courses in many different languages. Features: Courses in Dutch, French, German, English, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Arabic.
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Address: Stationstraat 15
Website: Phone: +32 2 269 55 46
Email: Large state-subsidised language school for adults . Features: Courses in n Arabic, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, English, Russian, German, Greek and Spanish.
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Address: Kapucijnenstraat 30
Website: Phone: +32 2 217 10 62
Email: Official Academy of Chinese language and culture in Belgium. Features: Varied courses in Chinese language and culture.
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Address: Rue du Marteau 8
Website: Phone: +32 2 217 23 73
Email: Long-established language school catering both to individual students and companies. Features: Specialist language courses in the fields of business, law, banking, medicine, accounting and technology.
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Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 717A
Website: Phone: +32 2 347 44 11  
Email: Language study centre with a large educational offer Features: Courses in French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian,German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Chinese.
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Address: Avenue De Fre 265
Website: Phone: +32 2 373 92 60
Email: Centre of corporate training and private language tuition. Features: Intensive learning programmes for adults, children and teenagers
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Address: Rue des Drapiers 25
Website: Phone: +32 2 644 95 95
Email: One of three schools in the area of Brussels offering intensive language learning programmes both for adults and teenagers. Features: Courses in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,German, Russian and Japanese.
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Address: Rue de l'Abbé Jean Heymans 29
Website: Phone: +32 2 761 2896
Email: Language study centre with high standards of education. Features: Various courses in three Belgian national languages as well as English, Spanish and Italian.
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Address: rue du Méridien 20
Website: Phone: +32 2 218 64 74
Email: Official centre of Arabic culture and language training. Features: Various Arabic courses at different levels.
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Address: Chaussée de Vleurgat 275
Website: Phone: +32 2 344 15 15
Email: French Language School offering intensive French-language courses. Features: Special courses on Saturday mornings.
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Address: Avenue des Cerisiers 128
Website: Phone: +32 2 734 06 99
Email: Official Centre for European Culture offering several courses, seminars and lectures in different European languages. Features: Small groups, individual lessons and phonetic training.
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Address: Rue Guimard 19
Website: Phone: +32 2 511 88 17
Email: Language study centre offering quality Dutch or French tuition Features: Various courses at all levels.
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Address: Pleinlaan 2
Website: Phone: +32 2 629 38 52
Email: Renowned language school for adults. Features: Courses in Dutch, French, English, German, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.
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Address: Rue de la Loi 23
Website: Phone: +32 2 280 22 28
Email: Business language school offering quality French and Dutch language tuition. Features: Group or individual and tailor-made training courses. Seminars specialising in "professional skills" and Business.
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Address: Avenue de Kraainem 61
Website: Phone: +32 2 771 13 20
Email: International language school offering quality French and Dutch language courses for everyone. Features: Group or individual and tailor-made training courses. Language courses for kids and teens during the school holidays.
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