Vikings, Andersen’s fairy tales, Lego toys, Karen Blixen, Carlsberg and Lars von Trier – these are the best-known treasures of Danish culture. But don't let them make you forget about the other attractions. In spite of its modest size, Denmark is a fascinating and diverse country, attracting visitors with innumerable castles, museums, historical towns, nice beaches and islands. What's more, almost every Dane speaks English, so there’s no communication barrier for visitors.

Copenhagen, the capital, is a very interesting and modern city, with many galleries, museums, bars, restaurants, theatres and other attractions to visit. If you’re interested in historical sights, visit the Amalienborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle with its exhibition of crown jewels and the wonderful Tivoli Gardens. Don't forget to see the Little Mermaid, a cute symbol of Copenhagen situated on the waterfront near the Kastellet Citadel.

While in Denmark, you should certainly visit Aarhaus, its second-largest town dating back to the times of Vikings. The huge Gothic cathedral, nice Old Town and Art Nouveau theatre are the must-see attractions there. You shouldn't miss Den Gammle By, a fascinating open-air museum situated in Aarhaus, either. Also, don't forget to explore fairy-tale castles like Egeskov, the best-preserved Renaissance castle with pretty gardens, or Elsinore where Shakespeare’s Hamlet lived, and Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod with its amazing Renaissance interiors. A nice alternative to the historical sights of Denmark is Legoland, a paradise for children who can practically dive into the Lego toys there. One of two Safari Parks can be a recommended destination for nature lovers.

Historical little towns with cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses and old churches are one of the characteristic elements of Denmark's landscape, located all over the country. One should visit Ribe, the oldest Danish town, known for its cathedral and ruins of a castle. Roskilde, on Zealand Island, is not only picturesque and historic, boasting a precious cathedral and Viking Ship Musuem, but also hosts a world-famous rock festival.

Like other Scandinavian countries, Denmark has a charming, rural countryside covered with mildly rolling meadows and dotted with lovely windmills, tiny villages and pretty towns. A great destination for anyone who’d like to breathe in the incomparable Danish atmosphere is Bornholm. Situated in the east of Denmark at the Baltic Sea, Bornholm is worth visiting for its wonderful landscapes, beautiful forests and coastline, cosy little towns and imposing ruins of Hammershus Castle. A far more distant though definitely interesting destination is be Greenland, an autonomous area that belongs to the Danish crown. Don't be misled by its perplexing name, it isn’t a 'green land' but in fact an Arctic island. However, its stunning landscapes can be a great attraction for nature lovers and adventurers.

Situated on the Jutland peninsula, six large islands and hundreds of minor islets, Denmark is a country of unusual natural features. Anywhere you go in Denmark, you’ll be at the seaside, or at least closer than 50 kilometres to the sea. Despite the rather low temperature of the waters in both the Baltic and Northern Seas, a stay at the seaside can be a real pleasure. Long strips of sand, scenic cliffs and excellent possibilities to practise windsurfing make it extremely attractive; what's more, its austere beauty can be a nice change after the turquoise waters and palms of the Mediterranean basin. Popular seaside destinations include Hornbek, Tisvildeleje, Gilleleje and Liseleje, as well as Grenen Beach in Skagen.

Known as a welfare state with a stable economy and good standards for its healthcare and educational system, Denmark and Copenhagen are great places to live in, as surveys show. And even if you don't plan to settle there, visiting Denmark will help you understand why Danish people enjoy living there. It's easy, as Denmark has excellent flight and train connections with all European cities and other continents. See the charming rural countryside, picturesque coastline, vibrant cosmopolitan cities with a number of attractions and cosy little towns where time seems to have stopped long time ago, and you’ll fall in love with Denmark.