Though distinguished by a long and glorious past, Reims is a contemporary urban center with huge apartment blocks in its suburbs, trade centers and fashionable entertainment spots. Still, when visiting the city center a silhouette dominates the horizon with impressive grandeur and beauty. The Cathedral of Reims is one of the oldest and most significant in France. One of the finest examples of 13th Century Gothic architecture, it attracts visitors from all over the world. Almost all French Kings were crowned here, and it retains the memory of the symbolic birth of the nation. Once, at the end of the 100 Years War, Jeanne D'Arc kissed the shoe of the French King on this very spot.

Next to the Cathedral, enjoy a visit to the Tau Palace, built in 1690 and meant to be residence of the archbishop. It has been transformed into a museum today, and offers a vast collection of art and religious objects, some of which belonged to the cathedral. Another step back into history is the Saint Remi Museum, where an impressive setting of Gothic and Roman art objects is presented. Reims University is a prestigious and popular one. More than 25,000 students live in the city and generate a refreshing young spirit of fun and romance. Reims boasts a myriad of small restaurants, cozy pubs and bars, and nightclubs are open until early in the morning. Bon-vivant in its everyday life and royal in its spirit, the city of Reims remains one of the crucial centers for the nation and people of France.