Entertainment in Berlin

Berlin is famous primarily as a place where a large part of the contemporary history of the world was determined. The spirit of the past lingers within the historical monuments in the city centre. Once divided, Berlin is now perceived as a symbol of democracy and freedom. To see Berlin is to believe that the thorough transformation of a huge European capital is possible.

If you’re visiting Berlin with children, one place for you to visit is the Berlin Zoo, which is believed to host the largest number of animal species in the world. The modern birdhouse is home to more than 550 types of birds, and the huge aquarium holds more than 9,000 different species of fish, reptiles and other creatures. You can also take a closer look at a large collection of insects, turtles, snakes and lizards. 


Another pleasant option for a family afternoon is a visit to the Botanical Garden of Berlin, featuring an enchanting variety of plants. The enormous Great Pavilion is the largest glasshouse construction in the world. Its interior is home to water-lily ponds, waterfalls and a cliff. Among other interesting plant species, you'll have the opportunity to admire cacti, ferns, orchids and massive palms.

The area of the German capital boasts a number of fascinating amusement parks. Just an hour’s drive from Berlin, you'll find Tropical Island, the world's largest water park. A replica of a tropical lagoon with exotic fauna and flora, sandy beaches and a luxurious pool create the perfect environment for a relaxing afternoon. Open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the park offers a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages and tastes.

AquaDom offers a chance for an amazing journey through the underwater world, being the proud owner of the world's largest free-standing aquarium, able to contain over 1,000,000 litres of water. Over 4,000 sea dwellers, such as sharks, seahorses and colourful tropical fish fill the park's spacious aquaria.

Jack’s Fun World is a more universal amusement park for children, featuring an array of indoor and outdoor activities, including pools, park labyrinths, drawing competitions, theme playgrounds, and more.


Berlin is a great destination for sports fans. Three modern golf clubs await golfing enthusiasts. Avid horseback riders might want to drop by Galopprennbahn Hoppegarten, Trabrennbahn Mariendorf or Trabrennbahn Karlshorst for a pleasant afternoon. A number of venues offer excellent facilities for skating, tennis, climbing, cycling and water sports.

The main sport holding power over German hearts has always been football. For the genuine experience of a German football game, try to catch a match of local Hertha Berlin. A visit to the modern Olympic Stadium outside of the season is also an attractive option. The venue has played host to FIFA World Cup competitions, numerous group A and B meetings, as well as many important final games.

In winter, Berlin becomes a maze of magically illuminated outdoor and indoor skating rinks. Shallow natural park lakes provide another setting for an exciting evening. Nearly every district in Berlin features enclosed tracks for inline skating and skateboarding. Hot summer days are best spent at Berlin's numerous lakes and swimming pools. The pool complex of Erlebnisbad Blub features a waterfall, open-air pool, wave pool, whirlpool and a 120-metre slide.

One of Berlin's most popular events is the summer Love Parade, which is the greatest techno-dance party in the world. Every year, more than 1,000,000 fun-seekers come to celebrate this event wearing flashy costumes and eccentric make-up. The event resembles a massive circus performance. June sees Christopher Street Day, featuring a colourful and flamboyant Gay Pride parade. Also very colourful and lively is the June Carnival of Cultures in the district of Kreuzberg, a celebration of the city's ethnic diversity. Berlin’s Jazz Fest in November attracts musicians from all corners of the world.

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