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Berlin's official internet site
Here you can find information about different aspects from Berlin: Visitors Guide, Entertainment, Politics
Berlin description by wikipedia includes all important information about the capital of Germany
Berlin tourism information
Provides every traveller with information about sightseeing, culture, shopping, exhibitions
Berlin airports
Covers the three airports Schoenefeld, Tegel and Tempelhof. Provides information on arrivals, departures, parking and services
Olympic Stadium Berlin
Take your guests by surprise by staging your event in the unique atmosphere of the Berlin Olympic Stadium
Tourism in Berlin
The information compiled on this website is designed to guide and inspire you as you plan travel itineraries in Berlin. It describes the most common areas of interest, booking options, Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH's destination management services, downloads and much more
Means of transport in Berlin
Website contains information about means of transport in Berlin.
Berlin satellite map
Page presents staellite map of Berlin with a very clear close-up
Berlin weather
Berlin weather forecast with many factors: wind, visibility, pressure
Open source travel guide to Berlin, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more
Online Berlin Guide
Berlin Travel Guide. This travel Guide will give you an insight into all there is to do and see in Berlin and give you hints on hotels, airport, museums, theaters
Berlin Tourist Information
The city is full of information on Berlin's history, with museums, art galleries
Berlin Photos and Pictures
Website contains 928 pictures of Berlin with all attractions and not only
Berlin images
A collection of photos of various Berliner landmarks taken by Zlatko Indjov
Berlin images
Page includes photo gallery of Berlin main tourist attractions
Berlin postcards
Photo gallery of Berlin Wall
Berlin eguide
The official eguide to Berlin
Public transport in Berlin and traffic
Traffic in Berlin: trains, airports, cars, ships, tramway, subway, underground, bus, flights, cars, ships, schedules, timetables
Maps of Berlin
Collection of historical maps of Berlin, fromm 1738 to the presence
Berlin Panoramas
360 degree Berlin Panoramas,
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