Schools in Berlin

In Berlin, as in the rest of Germany, upon completing seven years of primary education, children and their parents choose between the following four kinds of secondary schools: Hauptschule (general secondary school), Realschule (secondary modern school), Gymnasium (which prepares students for university education) and Gesamtschule (comprehensive school). Parents may also choose to enroll their children in a unique school programme embedded in the European School (Europaschule), where pupils are taught in German and a foreign language, from primary school through secondary school. Additionally, four schools of classical study, known as Humanistische Gymansien, teach ancient Latin and Greek to their students. The Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is one of the major centers of higher education and research in the European Union. There are four universities and a number of private, professional and technical colleges throughout the city, altogether enrolling about 130,000 students, which have an international reputation in a variety of disciplines.

Address: Lietzenburger Str. 102
Website: Phone: +49(30) 88 66 33 93
Email: One of Berlin’s leading language schools. Features: Full or part time General English courses.
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Address: Mehringdamm 66
Website: Phone: +49 30 69 51 92 29
Email: Friendly language school located in the heart of Berlin, just at the heart of a multi-cultural district of Kreuzberg. Features: Every class equipped with tv and video.
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Address: Giesebrechtstraße 10
Website: Phone: +49 30 8439390 
Email: International private college with a cosmopolitan student population from all over the world. Features: Various foreign languages courses
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Address: Dorotheenstraße 90
Website:  Phone: +49 30 22 904 55
Email: English language study centre offering high standards of teaching. Features: Various courses at all levels.
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Address: Friedrichstraße 95
Website: Phone: +49 30 2042124
Email: World leading language school organising various cultural immersion programmes and courses abroad. Features: Varied extra-curricular activities and cultural immersion programs.
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Address: Kottbusser Damm 79
Website: Phone: +49 30 691 60 70
Email: Language study centre with a large educational offer. Features: Assistance for students with the search of accommodation in Berlin..
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Address: Hardenbergplatz 2
Website: Phone: +49 30 30 35 30 49 60
Email: Private language school having the status of the European Education Academy. Features: German for economics
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Address: Schlegelstr. 9
Website: Phone: +49 30 89 59989200
Email: German Language School with a wide offer of courses. Features: Varied courses in French, Spanish, English, Italian and German.
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Address: Jägerstraße 64
Website: Phone: +49 30/20 88 644-0
Email: German Language School offering special program of Language Travel Abroad. Features: Summer cultural programs for university and high school students
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Address: Oranienstrasse 54 /134
Website: Phone: +49 30 61203460
Email: Small German language school. Features: Intensive and part-time German courses
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Address: Lietzenburger Str. 46
Website: Phone: +49 30 862 11 34
Email: Premier language school offering varied courses in English, German, French and Spanish. Features: Preparation for DSH and Test-DAF
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Address: Tauentzienstr. 16
Website: Phone: +49 30 28454009
Email: German language School with individually focused courses at all levels. Features: General German at all levels.
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Address: Chauseestraße 128/129
Website: Phone: +49 30 28 39 800
Email: Language study centre registered with a wide range of intensive courses . Features: Preparation for DSH and Test-DAF
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Address: Gieselerstr. 30A
Website: Phone: +49 30 8730373
Email: German Language School located next to the Kurfürstendamm. Features: Special courses in English, Spanish, French and German.
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Address: Markgrafenstr. 58
Website: Phone: +49 30 20347200
Email: International language school offering a great range of immersion programs. Features: Various language classes at different levels in Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.
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Address: Bundeallee 26
Website: Phone: +49 30 351 33793
Email: English language study centre offering extensive language training. Features: General English at all levels from complete beginners to proficiency students
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Address: Unter den Linden 21
Website: Phone:
Email: English language study centre offering extensive language training. Features: Business English courses.
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Address: Westfälische Strasse 16
Website: Phone: +49 30 86398370
Email: International centre of translation and language communication. Features: Summer school and language preparation for university.
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Address: Wrangelstrasse 31/31A
Website: Phone: +49 30 6188863
Email: Language study centre with high standards of education. Features: Courses for international students who want to improve their proficiency in German.
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Address: Boxhagener Str. 106
Website: Phone: +49 30 29669413
Email: German Language School situated in the fashionable district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg . Features: Language for specific purposes
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