Transportation in Berlin

Berlin’s extensive public transportation system is inexpensive and comfortable, providing 15 (S-Bhan) train lines and 9 (U-Bahn) metro lines, as well as 23 tram lines, 150 bus lines and 6 ferry lines. A two-hour bus ticket provides a trip to the U-Bahn, then to the S-Bahn and a tram, for only 2,40 EUR.

There are many taxis in Berlin, with stands at all main stations, airports, hotels and the KaDaWe (the largest department store in Europe). Prices: * Initial fare: 2.50 EUR * Per kilometer: 1.53 EUR * Ride up to 2km: 3,00 EUR
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Initial fare All 2,50 EUR Fee must be paid
Per kilometre All 1,53 EUR Each kilometre
Ride up to 2km All 3,00 EUR
Though parking in the city centre is expensive, Berlin provides wide, long avenues and main roads with civilised traffic, as well as cycling routes which vehicle traffic yields to. Cycle lanes are found especially near Tiergarten park. Rates for car rentals begin at 61 EUR per day (including tax and insurance) or 191 EUR per week.
Buses and Trams
All busses and trams operate until midnight, but a few run after midnight. Tickets can be purchased from the driver or vending machines. The Berlin Transport Operations (BVG) provides an information centre in the pavilion at Hardenbergplatz, at Tegel and Schönefeld airports and the Turmstrasse U-Bahn station. The standard single fare for buses and trams costs 2,10 EUR, valid for two hours. However, bus drivers only sell day tickets and two-hour tickets.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Day ticket All 6,10 EUR One day
Seven-day ticket All 25,40 EUR Seven days
Short distance ticket All 1,20 EUR One short trip
Single ticket All 2,10 EUR One trip
The express, commuter trains of S-Bahn connect the central city to the furthest suburbs, with service every 20 to 30 minutes during off-peak periods. The S-Bahn also makes stops in the centre of the city, but these are less frequent than those on the U-Bahn or Stadtbahn.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
48-hour ticket recommended for tourists 15,50 EUR Berlin AB
48-hour ticket recommended for tourists 17,50 EUR Berlin ABC
72-hour ticket recommended for tourists 20,50 EUR Berlin AB
72-hour ticket recommended for tourists 23,00 EUR Berlin ABC
One-day ticket Adults 6,10 EUR Berlin AB
One-day ticket Adults 6,30 EUR Berlin BC
One-day ticket Adults 6,50 EUR Berlin ABC
Single ticket Adults 2,10 EUR Berlin AB