Entertainment in Germany

Germany offers lively entertainment all year round day and night. There is an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars in every town and city and all offer a diverse range of cuisine including traditional German fare like Sauerkraut, Weisswurst and Leberkäse. A great place to eat and enjoy the stunning scenery can be found in the revolving restaurant of Munich’s Olympic Tower. Shopping is fantastic in all towns and cities with the most traditional shopping highlights being the Christmas market; there are over 2,500 held across the country in December. If you prefer to get away from commercialism, there are plenty of long walks or cycling routes, where you can take in some of the country’s varied and wondrous scenery.

Germany is famous for its vast range of health and wellness resorts with many towns like Bad Wörishofen, Bad Füssing and Baden-Baden dedicated to catering for the needs of the spa tourist. Every conceivable type of treatment is available in these resorts from Qi Gong Chinese energy therapy to wading in the healing thermal waters of the public spas. The country has over a thousand wellness spas including themed centres like the 18th-century Saunahof, which offers treatments like the ancient Indian art of Ayurvedic massage to wild flower and goats’ milk baths.

Germany has numerous theme parks, amusement centres and water arcades. Some offer extremely novel forms of entertainment like the VWs Autostadt in Wolfsburg. This complex allows visitors to learn how to drive off road, through water, down steps, in bogs and a number of other taxing situations, even children can learn to drive in an electric car designed with young people in mind. They can even try their hand at the kiddies’ driving test. Germany’s largest theme park is the Europa-Park in Rust. It is home to the Silver Star, Europe's largest steel roller coaster, which travels at a thrilling 130 km an hour. There are over a hundred other rides to choose from including one which takes you from the North Cape to Andalusia or inside the Greek temples. Young children will appreciate the Playmobil Fun Park in Nuremberg and Legoland in Gunzberg and both young and old will enjoy the real pirate adventure available at the Piraten Meer water complex in Büsum.

Germany’s major cities all offer some fabulous zoo parks with the most famous being the Berlin Zoo, located in the capital. It has more animal species than any other zoo in the world; there are over 13,000 animals, from pandas to gorillas, housed in stunning parkland within the city. There is also a huge three-storey aquarium which offers visitors a tour of the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon. In Hannover, the Adventure Zoo has an electrifying boat trip, which brings you so close to a selection of rhinos, flamingos and giraffes, you can almost touch them. The boat has an underwater window to allow you to observe hippopotamuses swimming below.

German beer has achieved world acclaim and has spawned a whole tourist industry dedicated to promoting this wide selection of famous brews. Every town has several beer gardens, but none can compare to Munich's Oktoberfest. From mid September to the beginning of October, the festival attracts tourist from all over the world. There is a massive selection of beers sold in huge glasses called Steins. The festival is a family event with fairground rides, traditional band and accordion music, attractions as well as plenty of eateries. Germany also has numerous beer tours to unique locations where beer is brewed.