Schools in Athens

Address: 15 Psihari Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 674 7388
Email: Centre of English language training offering quality courses in small groups and friendly atmosphere. Features: Private lessons with qualified native teachers
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Address: 6 Sivitanidou Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 951 6328
Email: One of the premier English language schools. Features: Exam preparation to FCE and CAE
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Address: 172 Kyprou Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 961 0791
Email: Well established English language school with a wide educational offer. Features: Well-equipped library and computer laboratory
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Address: 4 Titanon Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 991 1671
Email: Language study centre with a wide choice of courses at all levels. Features: Various courses including General English and English for Examinations
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Address: 12 Kardeliou Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 765 7214
Email: Private tuition and English language training. Features: English private lessons for kids, students and adults
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Address: 3 Psaros Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 965 4700
Email: Language academy offering general English and modern Greek courses for foreign students . Features: Courses at all levels from beginners to advanced
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Website: Phone:
Email: Greek language school located in the heart of Athens offering language courses for students of all levels. Features: 8 air-conditioned classrooms, cafeteria, multi-media room with Internet access
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Address: 1 Dervenakion Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 971 9732
Email: Premier language school providing quality courses in English and Greek. Features: Exam preparation to FCE and CAE
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Address: 11 Louki Akrita Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 971 3190
Email: Well-established language school with an interesting educational offer. Features: Well-equipped library and free computer usage
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Address: 36 Voulis Street
Website: Phone:
Email: Large centre specialising in summer immersion programs and work and travel camps. Features: Special work and travel programs for international students
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Address: 48 Archimidous Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 7012 268
Email: Private organization founded in 1969 to provide educational programs and artistic events for students of all nationalities. Features: Immersion language classes and extra activities such as Greek dance and films
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Address: 2 Makedonias Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 994 3790
Email: Language study centre offering extensive summer immersion programs for foreigners. Features: Interesting social, recreational and cultural programme
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Address: 24 Iroon Politechniou Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 55343354
Email: International English language school specialising in summer immersion programs. Features: Special courses preparing to Cambridge exams
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Address: 41 Herakleitou Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 964 4765
Email: Greek language study centre offering a wide range of general and intensive courses. Features: Courses preparing for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek
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Address: 2 Sotiros Dios & 148A Ypsilantou Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 4174 047
Email: Small and friendly language school. Features: Courses in modern Greek for foreigners
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Address: 17 Kolonaki Square
Website: Phone: +30 210 369-2333
Email: Official centre of British language and culture, registered by the Ministry of Education. Features: General English courses focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking
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Address: 77 Academias Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 3302406
Email: Large centre of excellence in foreign language education. Features: General and business Greek courses
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Address: 31 Skoufa Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 363 4117
Email: Centre of Spanish language and culture providing various cultural immersion programs. Features: Wide range of general and intensive Spanish courses at all levels
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Address: 7 P.Dimitrakopoulou Street
Website: Phone: +30 210 2288415
Email: Well-established language school offering quality modern Greek courses for foreigners. Features: Various courses at all levels
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Address: 5 Plateia Stadiou
Website: Phone: +30 210 7560 749
Email: Special study abroad program focused on the history and civilization of Greece and the Mediterranean region. Features: Regular visits and excursions to the principal Greek museums and temples
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