Transportation in Athens

Public transport in Athens is relatively well-organised and it satisfies the needs of the city. The whole network was expanded and modernised before the 2004 Olympic Games to serve guests from around the world. However, the mass transit system is pretty complicated and getting used to it may take some time.

Getting to

Athens is one of the main transportation hubs in  southern Europe, so getting there is very easy and comfortable. The city's main airport, Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, is one of the best in the whole of Europe. Built in 2004 to serve the Olympic Games it has won many awards including '2004 European Airport of the Year'. It's located some 35 kilometres to the east of  Athens, near the city of Spata. You can reach the city metro system from the airport by express bus lines. Athens is also a hub of national railway system, though due to  geomorphological factors it's not very extensive.

The bus network, operated by Ethel Thermal Bus Company is well developed with over 300 lines and about 2000 vehicles. What's interesting, 300 of those buses run on natural gas which makes Athens home to the biggest natural gas-run bus fleet in entire Europe. In addition to the regular buses network, Athens metropolitan area is served by 22 lines of trolley buses. The only problem is that whole network is pretty complicated and getting used to it may take some time. Bus tickets can be purchased at metro stations and transportation and general kiosks around town.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Regular ticket students 0,50 EUR one trip
Some people say that there are almost 15,000 taxis in Athens. But somehow finding one empty is usually very difficult, so better order a radio taxi in advance, if you need to. The prices vary, but generally travelling by Taxi is pretty cheap and convenient. What's interesting, it's often considered normal to flag down a taxi that is already occupied, if the passengers are headed the same direction.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Initial Price All 1,00 EUR fare has to be paid
Per each kilometre All 0,32 EUR per kilometre
Basically travelling by car through Athens is a very bad idea. Lack of parking space, poor road conditions, traffic and bad driving makes Athens a drivers nightmare. Probably the best idea will be to leave your car somewhere far from the city centre and continue your trip by metro, bus or taxi, which are cheaper and much more convenient. However if you really have to get to Athens by car you have to remember a few things. Parking in so called green zone in the city centre is forbidden except places with parking meters installed. Average parking fee is 0,60 EUR. Be alert to the fact that the police can take away plates from a badly parked car. There are very strict speed limits throughout the entirety of Greece including Athens, so avoid speeding and obey the rules of the road.
The Metro in Athens is not only a method of transportation but also houses lots of Greek artefacts which were found during the construction of underground tunnels. As a means of transport it's modern and comfortable, and is one of the best ways to get anywhere in the city. It consists of three lines. Line 1 (or Green) connects Athens with Piraeus, it is the oldest metro line in Athens. Lines 2 and 3 are relatively new and cover a considerable part of the Attica region.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Annual Travel Card All 380,00 EUR one year
Monthly Travel Card All 38,00 EUR one month
Regular ticket All 0,8 EUR 1 trip
The tram network in Athens connects coastal suburbs with the city centre. It's equipped with modern vehicles and state-of-the-art technology. It serves the following routes:Athens-Glyfada, running through Nea Smyrni, Paleo Faliro, Alimos, Helliniko. - Athens-Peace & Friendship Stadium (Neo Faliro), running through Nea Smyrni and Paleo Faliro and from there branching out along the coastal avenue, and - Glyfada-Peace & Friendship Stadium via the coastal avenue and the Faliriko Delta. The tram service in Athens is free for children under 6 years of age.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Monthly Card students 17,50 EUR one month
Regular Ticket All 0,60 EUR one trip
Regular Ticket (Reduced) students 0,30 EUR one trip