A green island in Western Europe, accompanied by dozens of small islets, Ireland is one of those places in Europe that are surely worth visiting. Its original culture, specific language and local traditions make this country an astonishing place and an extremely attractive travel destination. Should you decide to visit Ireland, rest assured that the possibilities for enjoying oneself here are endless.

Irish culture is based on its Celtic or Gaelic origins, which is reflected in the modern Irish language, spoken by some 40 percent of people, as well as in folk dance and traditional music; true landmarks of Ireland.  Ireland is the  birthplace of many world famous writers, including John Butler Yeats, Samuel Becket, and James Joyce (the latter being celebrated annually at the Bloomsday Feast), but it’s also well known for its more modern stars – U2, Sinead O’Connor or Van Morrison.

If  you want to learn about Irish culture and tradition, be sure to visit Dublin, the capital, welcoming tourists with friendly pubs, splendid architecture and a range of shopping possibilities. Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol plus a number of fascinating museums will satisfy  your hunger for sightseeing in Dublin. To have a good rest, visit one of the traditional pubs or inns to enjoy a fine Irish beer. Another interesting town in Ireland, Cork, is worth a visit due to its  charming old town, Elizabeth Fort, St Finbarr's Cathedral and its renowned Jazz Festival. If still looking to acquire an even deeper understanding of Irish culture, check out Galway, a medium-size city which holds over 50 festivals annually and offers a relaxed Bohemian atmosphere. Kilkenny, referred to as the Marble City, small but charming Limerick and Waterford are also worth a visit. Chances are that on any given day or night you will find something that interests you in this magic and extraordinary island.

Apart from its  fascinating historical heritage, Ireland draws visitors with its primaeval nature – majestic mountains, abundance of greenery and scenic cliff coastline coexist here with atmospheric tiny towns and ancient castles. The somewhat severe and wild beauty of Ireland is unparalleled by comparison with any other landscape in  Europe. But Ireland is also well prepared for tourism: there are numerous hotels in a wide variety of categories as well as a ton of  guest-houses dotting  the entire country. Irish cuisine, sea and freshwater fish dishes as well as meat dishes are definitely delicious and well worth a try. And if you like to taste some European or Oriental meal, you can choose from a whole range of foreign restaurants available all over the country.

Furthermore, Ireland is an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts. There are parkland golf courses as well as links golf courses which have been carved out from the sand dunes. The country is proud of Ireland's Golf Courses that are among the finest in the world. Another popular sport in Ireland that has gained virtual cult status on the island, is rugby. Ireland is also known for its two peculiar games, hurling and Gaelic football, both of ancient Gaelic origin.

If you still need a reason to visit, remember that Ireland is one of the world's best-known beer producers, with a long tradition of brewing stout and porter. The best way to taste them is to visit Ireland during the most popular event connected with beer which is of course St Patrick's Day in March. Another Irish national treasure is whiskey. Also, due to a reliable transportation system and numerous flight connections, Ireland is easy to reach. Besides, it's  just a stone’s throw away from Great Britain, making travelling there ridiculously easy. To enjoy outstanding natural beauty, a rich cultural heritage, unique traditions and boisterous festivals, book a stay in Ireland and enjoy.