Entertainment in Dublin

Dublin is widely recognized as a place of endless entertainment opportunities. The lush green parks in the city and the surroundings are a favourite spot for relaxation of locals and guests. The emblems of Dublin and Ireland as a whole, namely the pubs, are practically everywhere, thoroughly justifying their world fame. In addition, vibrant nightlife, first-class cultural events and multinational celebrations guarantee the visitor an unforgettable entertaining holiday in the Irish capital.

Undoubtedly the first thing that emerges in one’s mind upon hearing the word Dublin is the traditional Irish pub. One thing is sure – you won’t have any trouble finding a good pub here, since they are virtually in every corner. Coupled with the proverbial hospitality of Irish people, a visit in such a place promises to become an unforgettable experience. Of course, Dublin doesn’t mean only pubs. An astonishing assortment of restaurants, bars and nightclubs complements the vivacious nightlife in the city. The real spirit of gambling can be felt in the luxurious ambience of dozens of casinos, especially the most up-scale gambling venue in Ireland – Silks Club Casino.

Like very few cities worldwide, the Irish capital features an incredibly rich programme of live concerts. As many of the world-known pop and rock legends have their roots in Ireland, this type of music is always strongly represented in the cultural life on the island and particularly in Dublin. Not to be missed are the numerous folk festival and performances of traditional Irish music held all year round in different locations. Jazz and classical music festivals and events are also organized on regular basis.

The more leisurely disposed tourists might be delighted by the high-quality selection of cinemas around. Most traditional ones like Cineworld, The Savoy or The Screen are situated in the city centre, while the newer cinema complexes are built far in the outskirts next to the highways or the shopping malls. Here this type of entertainment is extremely popular and loved by families, tourists and everyone else. The schedule of all venues includes the greatest achievements of the world’s movie industry, as well as the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Festivals, celebrations and various outdoor events contribute a lot to the characteristic charm of Dublin. The most colourful and visited is the St Patrick’s Festival. This event is carried out every year on the day of the patron saint of Ireland and is celebrated not only in the country, but by the Irish communities in the whole world. The celebration in Dublin, however, enjoys immense popularity and exceeds most other events of this kind in terms of splendour and jolly atmosphere.

It is strongly recommended that nature lovers and families with children call in at the Dublin Zoo. The magnificent complex presents some of the rarest animals in their natural habitat. You and your children will be amazed to see elephants in Indian forests, lions roaming African savanna and even penguins in the Arctic ice. Guided walks and lectures by the personnel will make your visit not only funny, but will also turn it into a beneficial journey in the world of animals.

Last, but not least, do make a leisurely stroll or a picnic with friends in any of the countless parks and gardens in Dublin. The largest municipal park in the world, Phoenix Park, welcomes visitors who long for a closer contact with nature, but also the ones who want to admire some of the most significant monuments, mansions and public buildings in the city. You can find escape from the busy streets in the emblematic St Stephen’s Green right in the heart of Dublin, or in Iveagh Gardens, a true masterpiece of landscape architecture. The National Botanical Gardens offer a unique experience, full of discoveries concerning the world’s flora. It is simply impossible to list all the green spaces that call for a visit in Dublin.