The central part is set in medieval charm in harmony with the splendid 18th century buildings along the narrow cobblestone streets, while the Viking Triangle still witnesses the first settlement that was born on the area. Three buildings dominate with their imposing silhouettes the city center, establishing the harmony of ages and cultures. The Reginald Tower is the most famous urban monument dating back to earliest Middle Age. Near it the impressive Christ Church Cathedral aims to the sky in its divine beauty. And close to both the 18th century City Hall demonstrates the splendor of architecture of the époque, together with the neighbor Bishop's Palace. Waterford has long artistic traditions. Waterford Treasures at the Granary exhibits silver, bronze, glass objects as well as many documents and artifacts treasured for the last 1000 years of culture in the oldest Irish city. Glass and Crystal fairytale in Waterfront was born with Waterfront Crystal when it started producing hand-made crafts objects world famous for the mastery and perfection of the beautifully designed products. Today Waterfront Crystal still gains international fame for the city of arts. Many theatres, some dating from Shakespeare times, perform the best of Irish and world dramatic art.

Besides its artistic and historic attractions, Waterfront has another focal point that brings huge influx of visitors annually - surroundings. The city is set in the heart of adorable area of valleys and beaches with some of the best seaside resorts included. Take a trip to Tramore and enjoy the gentle sunshine on the sandy beaches. Nature lovers will adore the Georpark located on the Copper Coast as well as the surrounding scenery of magical mountains with hiking routes and flowered valleys.

Waterford offers modern comfort, huge shopping opportunities and vibrant nightlife. For the last 12 centuries the city has kept the heritage of many creative generations to unite it today in a fascinating resort and urban area boasting of harmony and charms.