Schools in Milan

Milan is the second largest city in Italy, with many public and private schools of all levels and types. Some international schools offering American/English curricula are available in the city, though not as many as in Rome. Moreover, there are French, Spanish, German and Japanese schools. Acclaimed institutions of higher learning abound in Milan. The University of Milan and Bocconi University are the two main universities, but there are several others providing quality instruction as well. Established in 1902, the business school Luigi Bocconi is undoubtedly one of the leading economics and business academic institution in Italy. As one of the world’s fashion capitals and creative capital of Europe, Milan takes pride in its numerous fashion and design schools.

Address: Via del Gonfalone 5
Website: Phone: +39 02 58 10 70 04
Email: English language academy offering various courses for individuals and companies. Features: Individual and group lessons at different levels, exam preparation.
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Address: Via P. Paleocapa 1
Website: Phone: +39 02 87 38 87 60
Email: Italian language school situated in the very centre of Milan Features: Private study rooms, cafeteria, student's lounge and library.
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Address: Via Frua 14
Website: Phone: +39 02 4801 3452
Email: English language school since 1951 offering intensive and general courses for students and adults. Features: Various General and Business courses at all levels.
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Address: Via Podgora 10
Website: Phone: +39 02 545 02 89
Email: English language school specialising in business and technical language courses. Features: Special one-on-one lessons tailored to your individual needs and wishes.
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Address: Via Marx Carlo 14
Website: Phone: +39 02 530 00 01
Email: Centre of language training in the private American school. Features: Spacious and well-equipped classrooms with great academic facilities.
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Address: Via Mercadante 17
Website: Phone: +39 02 670 59 14 
Email: International language school with an interesting educational offer in various languages. Features: Short and long-time courses in various languages including English, Italian, German and French.
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Address: Via Manzoni Alessandro 38
Website: Phone: +39 02 77 22 21
Email: Official centre of British language and culture, registered by the Ministry of Education. Features: General English courses focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking.
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Address: Via Palazzi 2/A
Website: Phone: +39 02 0404 114
Email: Long-established English language school since 1973 offering interesting courses for individual students and companies. Features: Conversations and private lessons.
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Address: Via De Cristoforis Carlo 15
Website: Phone: +39 02 659 64 01
Email: English language school offering intensive and general courses for students and adults. Features: Preparation for Cambridge exams and IELTS.
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Address: Via Frua14
Website: Phone: +39 02 48 01 28 08
Email: Centre of language training and professional development offering quality courses in English. Features: Courses focused on the practice of the language and conversations.
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Address: Via Vigliani 55
Website: Phone: +39 02 4802 04 86
Email: Language school offering quality courses at all levels. Features: Intensive and part-time language courses
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Address: Corso Magenta 43
Website: Phone: +39 02 4801 58 40
Email: Language study centre offering Italian courses at all levels. Features: Italian cultural and art courses.
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Address: Via Dante 12
Website: Phone: +39 02 7202 34 50
Email: Official centre of Spanish language and culture, registered by the Ministry of Education. Features: Spanish language courses at all levels from beginners to advanced students.
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Address: Via Filzi Fabio 27
Website: Phone: +39 02 6671 12 21
Email: Premier international language school offering varied courses in English and other languages. Features: Exam preparation to TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge exams.
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Address: Via Daverio Francesco 7
Website: Phone: +39 02 5519 0450
Email: Centre of Greek Culture Promotion and Language Training . Features: Courses in Greek at all levels, interesting workshops on Greek culture, cuisine and wines.
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Address: Via Pier Luigi da Palestrina 31
Website: Phone: +39 02 669 13 38
Email: Small language school offering Italian language and culture courses. Features: Courses for kids, students and adults at all levels.
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Address: Piazza Piemonte 8
Website: Phone: +39 02 469 58 19
Email: Italian language school and centre of translation. Features: Translation and Interpreting services.
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Address: Piazzale Cadorna Luigi 9
Website: Phone: +39 02 86 45 35 28
Email: info@deutsch.i Official centre of German language and culture, registered by the Ministry of Education. Features: German language courses at all levels, ZD preparation.
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Address: Via Visconti 18
Website: Phone: +39 02 832 22 12
Email: Public centre of language training providing varied education programs. Features: Varied courses in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian
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Address: Via della Moscova 40/4
Website: Phone: +39 02 29 06 24 11
Email: Private centre of English language excellence offering courses for individuals and companies. Features: Business English and on-line courses.
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