Transportation in Milan

The Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) is the public transport network in Milan which comprises 120 tram, trolley and bus lines, as well as three metro lines. Single 90-minute tickets from the ATM cost 1.50 EUR and are available from newsstands, bars and automatic ticket machines in metro stations. They are valid for all trams and buses, or for one metro ride, or suburban ride to the urban part of Milan.

Milan features a taxi service operated by private companies and licensed by the city of Milan. All taxis are the colour white. If taking a taxi to Malpensa, the window sticker should read ‘Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo’, indicating an adjusted taximeter for the route and paying only the displayed fare. Taxis without the sticker may double the fare. A few taxis accept credit cards. Prices: *Initial price: 3,10 EUR (6,20 EUR after 7pm) *Each kilometer: 0,67 EUR *Each hour: 20,60 EUR *Extra charge for night: 3,10 EUR
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Extra charge for night All 3,10 EUR
Initial price All 3,10 EUR Fee must be paid
Pe hour All 20,60 EUR
Per kilometre All 0,67 EUR
The streets in the city centre of Milan are continuously congested, day and night. Parking space is also very difficult to find, and hotel parking or private garage is expensive. Roadside parking in the historic centre of Milan is limited to a maximum of two hours within the blue lines. Car parks, run by ATM, are open from 7am to 8pm and parking costs 2,60 EUR for eight hours.
The Milan Train Station, built in 1864, is considered one of the main European train stations. The Malpensa Express leaves Terminal 1 for Milan’s Cadorna Rail Station every 30 minutes. It stops at Milan Bovisa and Saronno Stations. The first train from Malpensa is at 6.45am; the last is at 9.45pm, with the one-way fare at 9,00 EUR. Same day return is 12,00 EUR, and open return is 14,50 EUR . Trains run from the underground to northwest of Milan. Tickets for this train are valid for 75 minutes from the time they are stamped and can be used on other transport services, as with metro tickets.
Buses and Trams
ATM tram and buses stop running about 2am. From 8pm to 2am the Radiobus shuttle service, also operated by ATM, makes it possible to return from the central part of Milan to the western, northern and northeastern outskirts. This bus operates much like a taxi; it is reserved by phone (02.4803.4803) a few days in advance or just before a trip, and can be paid for upon boarding. Prices: *Regular ticket for bus or tram: 1,00 EUR (valid for 75 minutes) *Radiobus ticket paid on bus: 3,00 EUR *ATM ticket + Radiobus ticket: 2,50 EUR
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Radiobus ticket All 3,00 EUR One trip
Regular tickte All 1,00 EUR 75 minutes
The metro features three lines: the red MM1, green MM2 and yellow MM3. The lines meet at Duomo, Centrale FS, Loreto and Cadorna. Tickets are available for purchase from news agents, tobacconists, most coffee bars and at automatic vending machines at metro and bus stops. Passes for one or two days are available from ATM railway offices at Cadorna, Duomo, Centrale FS, Loreto and Romolo. Service on all Metropolitana routes is from 6am to just after midnight.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
2x6 ticket All 6,70 EUR two rides per day, six days a week
Single ticket All 1,00 EUR 75 minutes
Weekly pass All 16,75 EUR One week