Schools in Rome

In Rome, there is an extensive range of schools to choose from. Some 180 nursery schools are administered by the municipal authorities and the rest are private institutions, which provide top-quality education and child care at moderate costs. Rome has numerous international schools for pupils of different age, all of them offering high standards, although environment and educational philosophies vary from institution to institution. In these schools instruction is carried out in one or more foreign languages. Apart from state-controlled educational establishments, Rome hosts a substantial number of private schools, both religious and secular, that follow the Italian state curricula studorium. Higher education can be pursued at various pontifical universities and institutes as well as Research Institutes and Centre for post-graduate vocational training at an international level. Rome is the seat of La Sapienza University, the largest university in Europe and the second largest in the world by number of students.

Address: Via Modena 5
Website: Phone: +39 06 478 248 91
Email: English language school providing quality language courses at all levels. Features: Exam preparation to FCE, CAE and CPE.
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Address: Via Tunisi 4
Website: Phone: +39 06 39 76 18 19
Email: Italian language school offering intensive courses for foreigners. Features: Special courses including the elements of Italian culture.
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Address: Viale B. Buozzi 19
Website: Phone: +39 06 80 69 21 30
Email: International centre of au-pair services also offering quality language training. The website is available in Italian, French and English. The Euroma is a member of IAPA (International Au Pair Association). Features: Various language stays abroad and in Italy.
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Address: Via Marcello II 22
Website: Phone: +39 06 39 37 59 08
Email: Premier language school offering Italian language courses focused on communication . Features: General and intensive courses at all levels from complete beginners to proficiency students
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Address: Viale Pasteur 77
Website: Phone: +39 06 591 00 13 
Email: International language school with an interesting educational offer in various languages. Features: Short and long-time courses in various languages including English, Italian, German and French.
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Website: Phone:
Email: Centre of Excellence in Language Training offering German courses at the highest standard. Features: Spacious and well-equipped classrooms with great academic facilities.
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Address: via Rhodesia 16
Website: Phone: +39 06 592 12 73
Email: Language study centre offering high standards of teaching. Features: Various courses in French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian.
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Address: Via Nazionale 230
Website: Phone: +39 06 48 93 02 55 
Email: Centre of Eastern Culture Promotion and Language Training . Features: Courses in Russian, Chinese and Italian.
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Address: Piazza Bologna 1
Website: Phone: +39 06 44 23 14 00
Email: Official centre of Italian language and culture, registered by the Ministry of Education. Features: Varied courses at all levels, exam preparation to CELI (Certificazione di Italiano) .
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Address: Via Angelo Ranucci 59
Website: Phone: +39 06 39 36 77 22
Email: Long-established language school catering both to individual students and companies. Features: Courses in English and Italian focused on speaking and communication.
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Address: Via Flaminia 21
Website: Phone: +39 06 3 61 09 03
Email: Italian language school providing high quality education combining language training with cultural immersion. Features: Various cultural immersion programs and workshops about Italian cuisine and history.
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Address: Via delle Frasche 5
Website: Phone: +39 06 481 40 84
Email: Italian language study centre offering courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Features: Exam preparation to Certificazione di Italiano.
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Address: Via Tuscolana 713
Website: Phone: +39 676 96 68 98
Email: Language study centre offering various languages and high standards of teaching. Features: Varied language courses at all levels in: French, German, Spanish and Italian.
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Address: Via Sesto Miglio 16
Website: Phone: +39 06 33 25 38 52
Email: Language study centre teaching Italian language through regional cooking. Features: Varied courses in the main European languages: English, German, French and Spanish.
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Address: Via Marghera 22
Website: Phone: +39 06 446 25 93
Email: Italian language school and member of European Association for Quality Language Services. Features: Special courses for teachers.
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Address: Via Palermo 61
Website: Phone: +39 06 481 82 10
Email: Language study centre with high standards of education. Features: Various foreign languages courses
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Address: Via Dario Niccodemi 8
Website: Phone: +39 06 86 80 15 06
Email: Language study centre offering varied language at all levels. Features: Quality courses in English, German, French, Swedish, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Italian
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Address: Viale Manzoni 22
Website: Phone: +39 0670 47 68 94
Email: International language study centre with a large educational offer. Features: Courses in English, Italian and Spanish at all levels.
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Address: Via Tibullo 16
Website: Phone: +39 06 6830 77 96
Email: Renowned private language school registered by the Ministry of Education. Features: Translation and Interpreting services.
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Address: Via Aurelia 137
Website: Phone: +39 06 39 37 59 66
Email: Italian language school founded in 1923 Features: International cooking cultural exchanges and weekly Italian cinema show.
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