Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto)

This Italian painter gained renown for his landscapes of Venice, called ‘Vedute’. He was born to an artistic family, as his father was a painter as well as his nephew, Bernardo Bellotto(1720 – 1780). Having served an apprenticeship with his father, Giovanni Antonio began his career as a theatrical scene painter; however, he devoted himself to depicturing daily city life. He studied under the older Luca Carlevaris and soon became his master's equal. Among Canaletto's famous works, the two that hold the most renown are ‘Piazzetta’ (1733 – 1735) and ‘The Grand Canal at the Salute Church’ (1738 – 1742). Being noticed by the British merchant Joseph Smith, who later promoted his accurate and perfectly sun-filled paintings in England, Canaletto decided to move to London in 1746, and remained there for nearly ten years, producing pictures of the English capital. Back in Venice, he became a member of the Venetian Academy in 1763.