Entertainment in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has many restaurants, cafes and night clubs as well as one casino, which is situated in the capital Vaduz and is called Tamares. Liechtenstein restaurants are mainly traditional cuisine restaurants. The restaurants are situated all over the country. The food is priced to the standard of restaurant, but the drinks are fairly cheap. Fast food restaurants are not extremely well liked by the locals of Liechtenstein; Mc Donald’s only has one outlet in the country situated just south of the capital. There are several cafes, the majority of which are internet cafes, located in major town or cities. There are several bars in Liechtenstein all mainly situated in major towns and cities. You are guaranteed to find a bar that suits your needs whether it is to have a quiet business meeting or a rowdy night out. Nightclubs are mainly located in the capital city, and play a wide range of music from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Liechtenstein has eight national parks and the biggest is Ruggeller Riet situated 3 kilometres west of Feldkirch, which is a protected area for its diverse range of birds and flowers. Ruggeller Riet has many walking trails and lookouts. One of the lookouts in the northern part of the country looks over some spectacular countryside showing almost the whole country all the way through to its southern tip. All of the country’s national parks are ideal for walking, hiking and cycling. You can walk from the lowest point of Ruggeller Riet to the highest point which covers a distance of around 16 kilometres and takes you along the river Rhine. There are winter sports available in Malbun and Steg. Malbun also offers a natural ice rink. Steg has become famous for its cross-country skiing loops with three distances of 4 kilometred, 6 kilometres and 10.5 kilometres, the ski loops are equipped with lights which make them available at night. Steg also offers sledge runs. In the summer months activities such as paragliding, mounting biking, hunting and wind surfing are extremely popular among the locals and tourists.

The annual International Liechtenstein Guitar Festival Ligita in Vaduz is a celebration of music where competitors such as local music schools and the Liechtenstein Music Company take part in the festival. The music played is a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll and folk. Open air cinemas are available in Vaduz and the Vaduz Film Festival held annually in July is also held outdoors. There is a varied programme of film every year over a two week period. Operetta is highly popular both in Balzers and Vaduz and attracts thousands of visitors each year with their performances of classics like 'Die Fledermaus'.

Wine tasting and making is an old tradition in Liechtenstein. There are two main vineyards in Vaduz; the first is the Princes wine cellar ideal for wine tasting in groups of 10 or more. The cellar is only available for large groups but groups can be made up of more than one party. The second wine cellar is just on the outskirts of the capital city. About 350 different wines from all around Europe can be tasted in the specially equipped room at Schächle's Wine Tavern ideal for groups of five to fifty people. If you are interested in the wine tasting sections both wine cellar requires reservations.

Cruises from Liechtenstein are available along the River Rhine ideal for families or couples who are looking to explore Europe. The boat stops in many different countries such as Germany, Holland, France and Switzerland. Canoeing and sailing are also available for day cruises along the River Rhine.