Schools in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is reputed for excellent primary schools, both private and public. While some private schools base their teachings on specific pedagogical theories, e.g the various Montessori schools, many are religious-based institutions. Up until recently confessional schools have been mostly Roman-Catholic and Protestant, but due to the influx of Muslim immigrants an increase has been observed in the number of Muslim schools. Amsterdam has three independent grammar schools that teach a classical curriculum, namely the Vossius Gymnasium, Barlaeus Gymnasium and St Ignatius Gymansium. There are two universities in the city, the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam. Apart from them, higher vocational training is provided by schools of tertiary education, known as Hogescholen, which are also authorised to award Bachelor’s degrees.

Address: Postbus 75736
Website: Phone: +31 20 525 30 79
Email: Official centre of French language and culture. Features: Exam preparation to DELF and DALF, conversations.
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Address: Roetersstraat 11
Website: Phone: +31 20 525 53 26
Email: Language study centre affiliated with the Amsterdam Graduate Business School. Features: Business English and language for special purposes.
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Address: P.O. Box 53066
Website: Phone: +31 20 620 02 25
Email: Summer university inviting people from all over the world who want to improve their knowledge of Dutch language and culture. Features: Various cultural activities, regular trips to musums, galleries and theatres.
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Address: Rokin 87
Website: Phone: +31 20 622 13 75 
Email: International language school with an interesting educational offer Features: Special summer intensive courses and cultural immersion programs.
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Address: Veeteeltstraat 82
Website: Phone: +31 20 693 80 31
Email: Well-established centre of translation and language school. Features: Translation and Interpreting services in various languages from Danish, Hebrew, Kurdish and Persian to Vietnamese and Latin-American Spanish.
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Address: Oxford House, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 328 E
Website: Phone: +31 20 622 36 34
Email: Centre of English language training also offering quality courses in Dutch. Features: Courses focused on the practice of the language and conversations.
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Address: Anthonie van Dijckstraat 1
Website: Phone: +31 20 679 78 40
Email: Private British school offering quality language training. Features: Special summer language courses and immersion programs.
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Address: Ruys de Beerenbroucklaan
Website: Phone: +31 20 640 13 15
Email: Private language school offering varied courses in all major European languages. Features: Intensive and super intensive courses in Spanish, French, Dutch and German.
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Address: Hogehilweg 15
Website: Phone: +31 20 609 79 70
Email: Centre of Dutch language training known for its innovative methods of teaching. Features: Dutch language courses for foreigners.
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Address: Nicolaas Anslijnstraat 103
Website: Phone: +31 20 610 12 30
Email: Prestigious language school offering varied courses in Dutch for companies and individuals. Features: Varied courses at all levels, exam preparation to NT2 State-exam.
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Address: Frederiksplein 12 (1)
Website: Phone: + 31 6 42272974
Email: Dutch language courses at all levels of learning. Features: Special courses for teachers.
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Address: Leidsestraat 32
Website: Phone: +31 20 422 19 06
Email: Dutch language school providing quality group courses and individual lessons. Features: Business English and on-line courses.
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Address: De Boelelaan 7
Website: Phone: +31 20 574 54 00
Email: International Centre of Language Training specialising in language immersion programs . Features: Varied study abroad programs all over the world.
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Address: Hoofdweg 1579
Website: Phone: +31 252 42 49 27
Email: Language study centre offering a wide range of general and intensive courses. Features: Courses focused on the practice of the language and conversations.
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Address: Vincent van Goghstraat 23-C
Website: Phone: +31 20 488 46 32
Email: Centre of translation and interpretation services. Features: Technical interpretation services for companies and individual clients.
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Address: Entrada 151
Website: Phone: +31 20 416 07 88
Email: Dutch language school offering 10-week intensive courses on 5 different levels. Features: Small groups and individual lessons.
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Address: Nassaukade 64 BEL
Website: Phone: +31 20 686 85 51
Email: English language study centre specialising in business courses. Features: In-company courses focused on speaking and business vocabulary.
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Address: Prinses Irenestraat 36
Website: Phone: +31 20 671 67 65
Email: English language study centre set in the quiet area of Thomaskerk in the south of Amsterdam . Features: Wide range of English courses at all levels
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Address: Max Havelaarlaan 64
Website: Phone: +31 20 644 35 71
Email: Centre of translation and interpretation services. Features: Legal and technical translation service.
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Address: De Boelelaan 7
Website: Phone: +31 20 574 56 19
Email: English language study centre for those who want to communicate effectively in English. Features: Various courses at all levels in English, German, French and Dutch for foreigners.
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