Transportation in Amsterdam

There are many ways to travel in Amsterdam. Public transport service in Amsterdam is comfortable and well organised. The National Public Transport Information Service provides information on any route within the Netherlands. Amsterdam is renowned for its abundant cyclists. Bicycles are available for rent at most railway stations, bike dealers, repair shops and rental agencies in the city.

Getting to

The majority of flights departing and arriving in the Netherlands use Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, with KLM as the main Dutch airline. However, the Amsterdam-Rotterdam airport, located on the other end of Holland, is used by some budget airlines.



There are also Dutch ferry crossings via the Newcastle-Amsterdam route to the North Holland town of Ijmuiden (the closest port from Newcastle, UK), as well as ferries in Rotterdam and Hook of Holland. The quickest way to get to the city centre is by direct rail, which connects Schiphol International Airport to Amsterdam Central Station. Trains leave every 10 minutes from the main arrival plaza (3,60 EUR one way), and airport shuttles depart every 10 minutes to over 100 hotels throughout the city (11 EUR one way; 17,50 EUR round trip).

Amsterdam Centraal Station by Jason Riedy
Licensed taxis in Amsterdam are generally modern and comfortable. If unable to hail a taxi on the street, there are many taxis outside Centraal Station at the junction of Kinkerstraat and Marnixstraat, or Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Hour All 32,50 EUR Each idle hour
Initial fare All 2,90 EUR the fare has to be paid
Kilometer Rate All 1,94 EUR Each kilometer
Trains in Amsterdam are fast, comfortable and affordable. Tickets must be purchased before entering the train by using the automats provided or at station counters. Instructions for the automats are in English, German and French, and payments for tickets may be made with debit or credit cards, as well as with euro coins.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
one way All 3,60 EUR International Airport–Central Station
Buses and Trams
Buses are mainly used for the suburbs (especially in North Amsterdam), which are not served by the metro or trams. Local buses are operated by the line-colour system of Gemeentevervoerbedrijf Amsterdam (GVB). The GVB also runs the city’s tram, metro and ferry services. When traveling to surrounding towns and the Randstad region, the NZH and Interliner buses are provided. Trams are the most popular way to get around Amsterdam because they are frequent, regular and run until after midnight.
Bicycle rentals are an inexpensive and quick way to travel in the city. Bike rentals differ, depending on demand and quality, and usually cost between 5, 90 EUR per day or 41 EUR per week. Identification and a deposit are usually required to rent bikes.
Much of Amsterdam’s rapid transit system is above ground. However, the underground consists of regular metro trains (lines 53 and 54) and the sneltram (lines 50 and 51), which is an express tram that stops at metro stations before entering the metro. All underground lines operate on the same track between Centraal and Amstel Stations. All public transport in Holland work on a national strippenkaarten system, utilizing cards to travel on local buses in The Hague, Utrecht and the Rotterdam metro.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
15 Strips All 6,50 EUR
2 Strips All 1,60 EUR
24 hours ticket All 6,30 EUR 24 hours
3 Strips All 2,40 EUR
45 Strips All 19,20 EUR
48 hours ticket All 10,30 EUR 48 hours
72 hours ticket All 13,00 EUR 72 hours
8 Strips All 6,40 EUR
Recently in Amsterdam there has been introduced a new, economical and non-pollutant way of transport, which enables both locals and tourist to move around the city. The so called 'taxi-cycles' or wielertaxis are small plastic buggies – cycles supplied with electric power. Similar to rickshaws they are equipped with 21 speeds, an electronic motor, side breaks, battery, steering, pedal sensor, lights, rain shield and side mirrors. Not only environmentally friendly, taxi cycles are also very comfortable as they offer ergonomic seating, soft cushions and fabric panels. What's more important, they can take you for a trip across the city centre at a very reasonable price: only a 1 EUR per person for a 3-minute journey. You can take both children under 2 and animals for a ride free of charge. The taxi-cycles can be found in the city centre at the main squares: Dam Square, Leidseplein, Markenplein or Museumplein. All you have to do is to give the chauffer a nod, and prepare yourself for a real experience. You can also order a taxi-cycle by calling the following number: + 31 (0) 62 824 7550 to make arrangement.
Fare Type: Who? Price: Validity:
Dam - Centraal Station All 2.50 EUR 1 Ride
Dam - Leidseplein All 5.00 EUR 1 Ride
Dam - Museumplein All 6.00 EUR 1 Ride
Dam - Rembrandtplein All 3.00 EUR 1 Ride