Everyone can find a reason to visit Lausanne. It is an art centre with about 20 museums (among which are the Olympic Museum, The Wine Museum of The Château of Aigle and many other interesting examples), many cinemas, operas, theatres, dance halls, a film library - one of the leading in the world by number of items as well as by their quality. Here you can hear all kinds and styles of music from the classical played by the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra to the street musicians in front of the small retro cafes; from jazz and all kinds of contemporary styles to etno and techno music - the musical scene of Lausanne is as colorful as all other aspects in the city life. And there are more than 40 dance and ballet schools in the city, for as an educational centre it is again among the best in Europe.

Another plus in Lausanne account is the profusion of parks and green areas which ensure it a place among the greenest cities in Europe. This fact is both due to the specific geographic situation and to the special cares the authorities take to preserve what the nature has lavishly endowed the city with.

It is also a city with a rich historical past and if you take advantage of one of the organized tours of the city or go sightseeing on your own you may spend interesting hours on the paved roads visiting period houses and estates. One of the pearls from the city's past is the11th-century Gothic Cathedral with its 4 spires and 105 stained-glass windows. Another site worth visiting is The Sauvabelin Tower - a spiral, entirely wood-built structure with 302 stairs and with 360 panoramic view from its top.

Lausanne is famous as a business and convention centre too and it is among the most popular destinations for incentive travels for the biggest European and world companies.

From the nightlife you can expect no less than from everything else in the city, it again offers a wide range of possibilities. But here the fun in the day is equal to those at night especially in the summer during the 'Free Admission' - 300 free shows from early June till the end of August. The children are not forget too - there are numerous playgrounds and events, and special kid's areas in most of the museum, and certainly the hilly Lausanne is the world capital of roller-skating and skateboarding in urban surroundings.

You will easily find accommodation according to your need and preferences for you may choose among more than 40 hotels of different categories with a total capacity of more than 500 beds.

Many -est and most can be used describing Lausanne, however to really feel the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary city you should visit it.