No matter whether you prefer local Swiss or international cuisine, Zurich has got eating and drinking establishments, suitable for everyone's taste. The city offers plenty of restaurants, featuring top quality service and a superb choice of wines. Bars and typical street cafes - many places where you can sit and enjoy the Swiss lifestyle.

Shopping in Zurich is a genuine experience. Visiting one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Europe - the famous Bahnhofstrasse, where are located many elegant fashion stores and boutiques for shoes, firs, accessories, jewellery and watches is a must, which proves Zurich to be a trendsetting city. This main shopping zone is situated in the core of the city, which makes it ideal for pedestrians. Many boutiques and antique shops can also be found in the beautiful Altstadt (old town) of Zurich, situated on the left bank of the Limmat. Another pedestrian zone and shoppers' paradise is the Niederdorf - offering plenty of boutiques, night - clubs, bars, restaurants and street artists turning the Niederdorf into an exciting entertainment centre. Another place where anything can be found on a reasonable price is the Langstrasse - a home to people from over 80 different countries.

Zurich and the surrounding region is a host to a great number of museums and exhibitions. Moreover - The Zurich Opera House and the Tonhalle concert house attract celebrities of a high class and world statute on the classical music scene. Night birds will find plenty of entertainment places in the hours after midnight. At weekends over 300 venues stay open in the early hours of the morning, offering a wide variety of parties and clubs, where DJs from all over the world perform everything from House, Techno and Jazz. One of the open - air bars is an excellent choice for the summer, for those who prefer to 'take it easy'. Zurich is also famous all around the world with its Streetparade, along the lake of Zurich. This annual summer event brings over 300,000 techno freaks to the town.