UK (England)

A colourful patchwork of cultures, England is a diverse country with fascinating cities, peaceful ancient towns and beautiful landscapes. First of all, you should visit its capital London, one of world’s most vibrant metropolises and the heart of global economy and culture. England is hard to describe in just a few paragraphs – it has to be explored and experienced personally to understand its complex, multifaceted character.

Why visit England? Well, for starters London is certainly the first and perhaps the best reason to go. This cosmopolitan and modern city offers a wide spectrum of tourist attractions and historical sights. How to describe London? You won't be bored here that's for sure - you can visit all kind of museums, galleries, pubs, restaurants and if you are not tired after all a full-day of sight-seeing, you can dance the night a way in numerous nightclubs. You just need to be prepared for the relatively high cost of everything.

As far as the historical heritage in the capital city is concerned, you should undoubtedly pay a visit to Westminster Abbey and  Westminster Palace with its famous Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. Thrill seekers can have a London Eye ride. Afterwards you may want to find some tranquillity in the serenity of London parks, including St James Park, Hyde Park or Kew Gardens. London is a paradise for devotees of art: National Gallery, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, British Museum and National Portrait Gallery are only a few institutions presenting outstanding works of art.

Leaving London aside, there are other large cities worth visiting: Newcastle is famous for its busy nightlife, Birmingham for a resurgent arts scene, and industrial Manchester for a wide range of cafes and clubs. There is also the historic and artistic town of Bristol, and Liverpool – the hometown of the Beatles and a centre of culture and music. In England there are also many ancient cathedral cities, so be sure to make some time to visit Lincoln, Durham, Canterbury, York, Salisbury or Winchester. Don’t forget about the smaller pearls of architecture, such as Stratford upon Avon, the picturesque hometown of William Shakespeare, the imposing Warwick Castle, as well as the atmospheric and ancient university towns of Oxford and Cambridge. You can also find some traces of Celtic culture and prehistoric settlers as well – for instance  the megalithic circles of Stonehenge and Amesbury.

Still looking for other reasons to visit England? Its territory is literally covered with ruined castles, monasteries, secluded chapels and long-established villages which represent the best in English character. Apart from a pub and a shop, in these villages you will surely find a farmhouse that offers bed and breakfast glowing in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The countryside of England hides many areas of outstanding beauty and it was an inspiration for such great artists as Emily Bronte, J. M. W. Turner or John Constable. One more tourist incentive is the fabulous English tradition of throwing up a festival: it's an event that can't be beat. Plan your stay where the Notting Hill Carnival, the Queen's Birthday Parade or the Mathew Street Festival takes place, you won't regret it.

England is a place where just about anyone  can find something particularly interesting. No wonder that the island is a top tourist destination visited by people from all around the world. Captivating towns, magnificent London's  kaleidoscopic cultural life, magnificent historical sights plus beautiful landscapes awaits visitors. A well-developed transportation network and many air connections lets one easily get to many Enlish towns. England can be an excellent holiday destination not easily topped… and there is one more advantage: everyone speaks English there.