The city is situated on river Mercy, at its estuary. It's centre of borough. The population is about half a million.

People who of Liverpool are called formally 'Liverpudlians' and informally 'Scousers'. They have very distinct and difficult to produce accent called the Scouse.

Compared to the other large cities in Britain, Liverpool was created rather late - in 12th Century (in 1190 precisely). It was first known as 'Liuerpul' (a word derived from the Celtic word for a river with muddy water (the Mersey); some people think it comes from 'elverpool' - the river of eels (because of the high numbers of these animals in the past in the waters of Mersey.

During the Civil War in 1644, the city was sieged for ...18 days (when data about the Civil War in England is compared to the Civil War in USA and other places, figures look ridiculously small).

During the 18th and 19th Centuries the city progressed at really big leaps, because of the trade from colonies (mainly the West Indies). The trade was done exclusively by ship, and Liverpool being one of the biggest ports in the world, took a big share in it. After that, only a step divided the city from becoming the metropolis it is now. The first wet dock was built in Liverpool in the beginning of 18th century.

One amazing fact: at the beginning of the 19th Century, 40 percent of all world trade was passing through Liverpools' docks. In this same century a number of major buildings were erected (for example St George's Hall, Lime Street Station, etc).

During the first part of the 20th Century the territory of Liverpool continued to increase, with a significant inflow of immigrants from continental Europe. During World War II there were more than 80 air attacks on Merseyside, which destroyed numerous buildings.

Liverpool took very important role in the development of pop music and the spirit of the 60s. There was a special sound - sciffle rock, also the so-called Mersey-beat. The most famous is of course the Fab-Four, as they sometimes call them here.

In the 1980s there was much unemployement in Liverpool, and the city passed through a difficult period in terms of economy and wellfare.

But now it is much more prosperous; it made up. Even, it was chosen to be European capital of culture in 2008, when many cultural events will take place in Liverpool.