Schools in London

Within London there are numerous schools, colleges and universities providing education of the highest quality for all - children, youth and adults. The majority of state schools are run by the London Boroughs. Some of the country’s most prestigious private educational institutions, such as Westminster School and Harrow College, are located in London. There is an international school in the district of St. John’s Wood, the American School in London. The University of London is the largest contact teaching university not only within the United Kingdom, but in the whole of Europe. Its constituents are multi-disciplinary colleges, including UCL, King’s and Royal Holloway as well as more specialised establishments, such as the London School of Economics, SOAS and the Royal Academy of Music. The London School of Economics is considered the world’s premier social science institution for teaching and research. London is moreover famous for its various business schools.

Address: 22 Glyn Mansions
Website: Phone: +44 20 7079 3333
Email: Language study centre for foreigners Features: Small groups, specialist English courses and conversations, summer intensive courses
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Address: 3 Queen's Gardens
Website: Phone: +44 20 7262 7481
Email: English language study centre offering special business and IELTS courses. Features: Small groups, one-to-one lessons, intensive and business courses
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Address: 114-115 Tottenham Court Road
Website: Phone: +44 20 7388 8126
Email: Private college offering a wide range of professional and vocational courses to students from all over the world. Features: English courses preparing for Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, CPE
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Address: 4a King St
Website: Phone: +44 20 8748 6665
Email: English language study centre with a special active learning programme. Features: Small groups, one-to-one lessons, intensive and business courses
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Address: Mill Hill Road, Acton
Website: Phone: +44 20 8231 6220
Email: Educational and language study centre at the Acton & West London College . Features: Special Academic Support for students who speak another language (ESOL).
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Address: 33 St. Mary's Rd
Website: Phone: +44 20 8840 4712
Email: English language study centre offering effective English courses, tailored to students' individual needs. Features: Wide range of courses in English, computing and business
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Address: 103 Dean Street
Website: Phone: +44 20 7437 6767
Email: English language school providing quality language tuition for adults and children . Features: Intensive one-to-one or two-to-one courses.
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Address: Greenwich High Road
Website: Phone: +44 20 8853 5697
Email: English language study centre situated in Greenwich. Features: Intensive English language teaching for foreigners from 6 years, intensive summer courses
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Address: 444a Edgware Road
Website: Phone: +44 20 7724 4407
Email: Language study centre providing a wide range of courses in Dutch and English. Features: Intensive language lessons developing speaking, listening and reading skills
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Address: 8 Celbridge Mews
Website: Phone: +44 20 7229 4435
Email: Language study centre having offices in London, New York and Dublin. Features: Small groups at 6 different levels.
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Address: 3-4 Southampton Place
Website: Phone: +44 20 8727 3550
Email: Large centre of English language education with offices spread all over the world Features: General and business English courses, summer immersion programs.
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Address: 142 Falkland Road
Website: Phone: +44 20 8348 6887
Email: English language study centre offering the highest standards of language training. Features: Exam preparation, general English and intensive summer courses
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Address: 9 Great Newport Street
Website: Phone: +44 20 7240 9321
Email: English language school situated just a stone throw from Leicester Square station. Features: Specialist language courses (business, cuisine, art, tourism), intensive and general French courses
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Address: 742 Harrow Road
Website: Phone: +44 20 8960 5899
Email: Co-educational Independent 6th Form College and English language school. Features: Special data projection facilities for interactive lessons.
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Address: Montagu Road
Website: Phone: +44 20 8266 4365
Email: Educational and language study centre at the Barnet College. Features: Special Learning and Language Support .
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Address: 34 Fitzroy Square
Website: Phone: +44 20 7637 8338
Email: Language study centre organising summer immersion programs to English-speaking countries all over the w orld. Features: English courses at different levels, small groups
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Address: 83 Kew Green
Website: Phone: +44 20 8940 5240
Email: Language study centre with active learning programme. Features: General and Intensive English courses
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Address: 296-302 High Holborn
Website: Phone: +44 207 611 9640
Email: Foreign language study centre offering individually oriented language training. Features: Summer intensive courses and immersions stays
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Address: 31 St. James's Ave
Website: Phone: +44 20 8368 7660
Email: English study centre offering a wide variety of language courses. Features: Intensive courses for foreigners, summer courses for juniors.
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Address: 26 Russell Square
Website: Phone: +44 20 7631 6674
Email: Bilingual French and English language school Features: Quality courses focused on the main language skills including: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
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