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Religious Sites in Tallinn

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Address: Lossi plats 10
  Phone: +372 6 443 484
  e-mail: nevsky@hot.ee  
Website: http://www.hot.ee/nsobor  
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The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the most impressive Russian Orthodox church in Tallinn. Built in traditional Russian Revival style on the top of the Toompea Hill, the cathedral was inaugurated in 1900. Ever since it has not been the favourite of the locals, since it reminds of the Russian rule. In the 1920s, the authorities even decided to demolish it. After the fall of the communism the building was lovingly renovated.
Church of the Holy Spirit
Address: Puhavaimu 2
  Phone: +372 6 441 487
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Oleviste Church
Address: Lai 50
  Phone: +372 6 412 241
  e-mail: oleviste@oleviste.ee  
Website: http://www.oleviste.ee/  
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Oleviste Church, or the Church of St Olaf, is undoubtedly the most remarkable temple in Tallinn, not only for purely religious reasons. The building dates back to 1267 officially, although there are legends saying that it had already existed before the Danish invasion from 1219. During the rich times of the Hansa a 159 metres high steeple was erected, which made Oleviste Church the tallest building in the world for the period between 1549 and 1625. Quite curiously, the glamour of the church ended suddenly when a lightning burned the steeple. At present, St Olaf is a Baptist church.
Dome Church/ St Mary's Church
Address: Toom Kooli 6
  Phone: +372 6 44 41 40
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The St Mary's Church, also known as Dome Church, is a cathedral located on the hill of Toompea in the Old Town. Despite its humble size, the building is the oldest church not only in Tallinn, but in the whole country as well. Initially the church was made of wood by the Danes, but later it was rebuilt with massive stone walls. Until 1561, St Mary's Church was a Roman Catholic sanctuary. Now it belongs to the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Jaan Seegi Church

Kazan Church

Convent of St Bridget
Phone: +372 6 05 50 00

Church of St Nicholas
Address: Vene 24
  Phone: +372 6 44 19 45
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