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Streets and Squares in Rome

St Peter's Square is without a doubt the most famous square in Rome, and maybe in all of Italy. Every day, thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all around the world pass through the square (which following the design of Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini is actually round) on their way to St Peter's Basilica. Piazza Venezia is rather different in character; surrounded by busy streets on all four sides, it features Altare della Patria, a monument dedicated to King Vittorio Emanuele and the landmark Palazzo Venezia. From down to Piazza Popoli runs one of the most popular shopping streets in Rome, Via del Corso. If you're not done shopping after visiting this street, go to Piazza di Spagna, which apart from the famous Spanish Steps offers a wide range of elegant designer stores.

Via Borgognona
Address: Via Borgognona
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Via Borgognona is a trendy street with numerous fashion boutiques to make the shopping fans excited. You can meet various generations of Italians, interested in Italian and international fashion there. Famous names can be spotted on the fashion houses, among which are Gianfranco Ferre, Dolce & Gabbana, Laura Biagiotti claimed to be “the queen of cashmere”, Fendi and Gai Mattiolo who is a young Roman designer recently included into the world of famous designers. It is truly charming that you can choose an outfit or a jewel for millions of euros and at the same time, find a great souvenir for only a few euro in a shop next-door Overall, Via Borgognona is famous for window shopping.
Via dei Gigli d'Oro
Address: Via dei Gigli d'Oro
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Via dei Gigli d'Oro is the street where specialised shops are located. Thus, connoisseurs of art can find nice reproductions of antique mosaics. There are antique shops with useful things at reduced prices. You'll find more of such shops in Via Giulia, Via Margutta, Via del Pellegrino and Via del Babuino. You can stop by in some of the pubs and restaurants in Via dei Gigli d'Oro and grab a snack or enjoy a whole meal of the typical Italian cuisine. Hotels on Via dei Gigli d’Oro include Hotel Ara Pacis, Hotel Art right by the Spanish Steps and Hotel della Torre Argentina.
Via Frattina
Address: Via Frattina
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Via Frattina is a famous street with stylish combination of fashion, elegance and luxury. Its name comes from the convent of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte, as it is located at the end of the street. One of the most chic in the city, Via Frattina hosts all of the most renowned brands between Via del Corso and San Silvestro Square. You'll see such names as Versace, Max Mara, Luisa Spagnoli, Tiffany, Stefanel, Pal Zilieri and Byblos there. You can also take a look at the jewellery, shoes, fashion leather bags and other accessories, after which you will probably need a break at a cafe. The street is situated in a central district around Piazza di Spagna, so the housing and estate prices are very high. It can be easily reached by the metro line.
Via Cola di Rienzo
Address: Via Cola di Rienzo
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Via Cola di Rienzo is another popular shopping street in the Eternal City of Rome, which was described as “the most beautiful in the world” by Stendhal. It is situated close to the Vatican Museums and connects Piazza del Popolo with Piazza Risorgimento. The street crosses Prati and leads to wonderful sites of Rome: Piazza Cavour, Piazza dei Quiriti and the Vatican Walls. Another important shopping street in the city, Via Cola di Rienzo offers top brands and exclusive style. There are also superb shops with food, clothes, gifts and books. You can reach the street by the metro or by bus.
Via del Corso
Address: Via del Corso
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Via Del Corso is one of the main streets and a symbol of shopping in Rome. This is the beginning of other important streets such as Condotti, Greci, Frattina, Vittoria, Tritone, etc. It leads to Piazza Venezia, Piazza Colonna and Piazza del Popolo, where concerts, shows and other events are held. Via del Corso used to be calles Via Lata in the ancient times. Many historical monuments dating back to antiquity, including Fontana del Bottino close to Vicolo Doria Pamphili, the Rinascente palace, Galleria Alberto Sordi and Piazza Colonna, can be seen walking along the street. Cheap shops sprawl on the street and attract young shoppers with inexpensive leather jackets, and other clothing of any style. The beginning of the street can be reached by the metro and a short walk along Via Condotti.
Via del Babuino
Address: Via del Babuino
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Via Del Babuino is an elegant street and one of the top shopping areas in Rome. It is located between Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, reflecting the elegance and charm of sites such as Via Margutta, Palazzo Matteolli and the Anglican Church. It's the best street for window shopping as it houses some of the most important top brands, including Armani and Tiffany. Associated by many with Madison Avenue in New York, Via del Babuino has many antique shops and imposing palaces such as Nanier, Cerasi and the De Russie Hotel, designed by Valadier. Inside the palaces there are beautiful and peaceful gardens where you can sit and enjoy the ambience, have a coffee or read a book. The galleries in the street invite you to see the art collections. It is most convenient to reach Via Del Babuino by the metro from Piazza di Spagna or Piazza del Popolo.
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