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Top Sights Near Paris

There are many sights of interest nearby Paris, included in the “must see” lists of thousands of tourists, coming from all over the world. From among the top sights that can be visited on a one day trip the most recommendable are: Versailles with its gorgeous palace, gardens and park; the spectacular Stade de France and Île-de-France with its majestic castles. Do not miss the top offer for a journey to the Loire Valley castles, where can feel the atmosphere of the French Renaissance and listen to stories about the heroic deeds of the French noblemen. The Medieval cathedral in Chartres and the Basilica of Saint Denis will enchant the visitors with their frescoes and impressive architecture. If you're seeking pure entertainment, go to Disneyland, where true amusement is ensured not only to the children but also to their parents.


Located at the edge of the Fontainebleau forest only 45 minutes away from Paris, lays a romantic village waiting to be discovered. Barbizon has been an inspiration, many a time, to a number of impressionist painters in the 19th Century. The village is famous for the Barbizon school of painters that included artists such as Corot, Millet and Daumier. This school existed in the mid to late 19th Century. Millet’s studio is still preserved and maintained and is one of the main attractions in the village.
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Basilique de Saint-Denis
Address: 1, rue de la Légion d’honneur
Phone: +33 1 48 09 83 54
Price: 5 - 7 EUR

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00 -18:15 Sunday 12:00 -18:15
The Basilica of Saint Denis is one of the great attractions, situated in Saint Denis, a modern suburb of Paris. The cathedral is an architectural landmark since it is the first major building constructed in the Gothic style. What is also interesting is that the basilica is the home to the first organs ever designed by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. The cathedral represents a renowned burial site of French monarchs, referred to as the Royal Necropolis of France, which is very similar to the Westminster Abbey in England with the difference that it was not used for coronations (this was the role given to the Cathedral of Reims). Almost every French king after 996 AD was buried at Saint Denis.
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Chateau Margaux
Phone: +33 5 57 88 83 83

The Château Margaux has been a symbol of wine many Centuries and has thus built up quite an old reputation. The castle is located in the Margaux commune. The estate has been occupied ever since the 12th Century. During the 15th Century, the castle was known as Lamothe, a fortified castle site in the Bordeaux region. During the mid-18th Century, a large quantity of exquisite grapes was planted. Later at the turn of the 19th Century, the castle was bought by the Marquis de la Colonilla, destroyed and rebuilt. By then the estate’s wine had already become quite famous. Thomas Jefferson ranked it number one in his personal selection.
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Giverny is located less than 80 kilometres from Paris, making it a splendid destination for a day out of Paris. It is situated on the right bank of the river Seine and surrounded by magnificent scenery. The first settlement in the area of Giverny exists ever since Neolithic times. In addition, archaeological digs have uncovered tombs dating back to between the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD. The cultivation of grapes has been an occupation dating back to Merovingian times. But the charming village is renowned mostly for being the location of Claude Monet’s home and garden.
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La Seine

The Seine is a major river in North-western France. After the Loire River, the Seine measures second in France. It flows in a north-western direction through Paris and finally emptying into the English Channel at Le Havre. In total, the river is 780 kilometres long. Through its journey, the river passes through many villages and communes. For example, upriver it passes through the forest of Fontainbleu and Troyes and downriver through Giverny and Rouen. Although it happens to be a commercial waterway, it is also a major tourist attraction, especially in the city of Paris.
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Les 3 Vallées

The Three Valleys is a ski region near the Vanoise National Park, which is above the town of Moûtiers. Ever since 1973, you can use one ski pass for skiing through any one of the interconnected valleys. This makes the Three Valleys the largest ski area in the world that is connected only through ski lifts. Initially, the Three Valleys consisted of really only three valleys – Saint-Bon, Allues and Belleville. But recently, the ski area has expanded and also includes a forth valley, the Maurienne valley. You can do just about anything there from downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, off-piste, snow parks, slalom courses, bob-sleighing, ice climbing, ski schools, you name it!
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Loire Castles
Address: 8, rue Balzac
Phone: +33 2 54 70 19 59
Price: 75 - 100 EUR

The world-famous splendid castles such as Blois, Chenonceau, Cheverny and Chambord are all located in the Loire Valley. The Loire valley, sometimes called the Garden of France, is located approximately two hours from Paris. The Loire is France’s largest river, along which there are nearly 300 castles. Due to the vast richness found within the valley, UNESCO added the central part of the Loire River valley to the list of World heritage sites. The castles are famous for their stunning architecture, elegant interiors as well as dazzling gardens. However, each has its own history and unique features that distinguish it from all the others. Blois is on the whole considered to be the most important of the castles, while Chenonceau – the most elegant (due to its white stone walls), and Cheverny – the best furnished (lots of original 17th-century decorations). As for the Chambord Castle, it is the largest with as many as 400 rooms!
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After Paris, Lyon is the second largest city in France and is located in the central-east area of the country. The city is known for its significant role is the area of gastronomy and, of course, cinema! Initially, Lyon was formed as a Roman colony in 43 BC on a Gaulish fortification. Later on, during the country’s development, there was obvious rivalry between the two largest cities in France. Through the Centuries, Lyon has managed to emerge as an economic centre and a developing city. It has had considerable Italian influence, especially, in terms of architecture. The city was also an early centre for the printing of books, for Centuries Lyon was the capital of cuisine and the Lumière brothers invented cinema is this very town in 1895.
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