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Outside Berlin there are as many interesting things to see as there are in the city itself. For a breath of fresh air, go to Potsdam, a much smaller historical city with the landmark Sanssouci Palace and the beautiful vast park surrounding the architectural masterpiece, or to Oranienburg, which with its Baroque castle and gardens is very similar in character. You can also make a trip across the border to the Polish town of Szczecin, as it's not far away and it is a very attractive port city. If you'd rather get in touch with nature, consider going to a bit more distant Westhavelland Natural Park or Maerkische Schweiz Natural Park, both offering excellent surroundings for doing sports as well as relaxing.

Address: Park Babelsberg 11
Phone: +33 33 196 94 250
Price: 0 - 4 EUR

Babelsberg is a wonderful English Gothic palace, placed in the heart of a beautiful park in Potsdam. The building was erected by architects Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Ludwig Persius and Johann Heinrich Strack in years 1835-1849. It was the residence of Prince Wilhelm (later the emperor Wilhelm I). It has the typical clear forms of the Classicism, combined in harmony with elements of the Gothic architectural style from English origin. Over the years it has been renovated, but it has kept its romantic atmosphere. Today the castle hosts the Museum of Prehistory and the Early Historical Period with a wonderful collection of Bronze Age material of the Lusatian culture.
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This town offers a remarkable array of historic monuments and local museums. Thus, apart from the scenic hiking trails and brisk nature walks, you may find yourself strolling amongst the historic centre and exploring its older structures. Highlights here include the museum installed in the Alten Posthalterei, the Spargelmuseum and the memorial at the old power plant in Beelitz-Heilstätten. The Old Town has a distinctly Medieval feel, complemented by the vivid burgher houses.
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This historic town preserves a stately Medieval character. Starting its exploration with the turreted Burg, the town fortress, and continuing with a glimpse of the art archives, revealing old manuscripts, drawings, woodcuts, valuable prints and book editions dating back to the era of Gutenberg, the town invariably offers excitement for seekers of ancient lore. Its oldest house, a restored structure dating from 1482, is open to visitors, and the city walls have been kept in excellent shape by the town authority. Partially demolished, these walls still have complete towers and turrets, with the Luckauer gate tower, dubbed dicker Turm, the 'fat tower', being a particularly notable attraction.
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Boitzenburg Castle
Address: Templiner Strasse 13
Phone: +49 39 889 50930

This moated castle offers a literal time travel back to the 16th Century. Its diverse surroundings, except for the water mill and the semi-demolished convent, feature the tiny village of Boitzenburg. One of the highlights of the Brandenburg area, the moated castle prides itself in being one of the grandest structures of its kind in all northern Germany. A distinctly Renaissance structure, it has been substantially restored and currently houses a hotel, meanwhile offering horseback riding plus other similar outdoor activities. The castle complex is still open to visitors, who can admire its well-preserved lower house, equipped with an early 17th-century hunting garden and a castle garden which was the work of landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné, the favourite of the Prussian King.
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Brandenburg upon Havel
Address: Tourist Information: Steinstrasse 66/67
Phone: +49 33 81 208769

This town situated upon the Havel river comprises three important sections, namely the Old Town, the New Town and the Cathedral District. The oldest settlement of the Havel district is characterised by various historical structures, some of them dating back to the 12th Century. Back in 1165, the site saw one of its first massive building projects, the construction of the gigantic cathedral of St Peter and Paul. A short glimpse of the structure reveals its tremendous scale.
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Brecht-Weigel Museum
Address: Bertholt-Brecht-Strasse 30
Phone: +49 33 433 467

This is the summer house of the poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht and his wife. Best known for his 'Threepenny opera', this author was a cutting-edge figure in Germany's artistic life during the first half of the 20th Century. The museum offers comprehensive displays dealing with the married life of Brecht and contains various personal belongings, memorabilia and photographs.
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Brickworks Park (Mildenberg)
Address: Ziegelei 10
Phone: +49 33 07 310410

Literally, this is the realm of bricks. Representing the largest existing brickworks in Europe, this area constitutes some 60 furnaces. The Brickworks park at Mildenberg is an impressive testimony of the industrial activity in the area throughout the years. Stretched upon an area of 42 hectares, this incredible brickwork park was opened in 1997. The site offers an exploration of one of Germany's few industrial cultural sites, which commemorates the country's age of intensive industrial expansion towards the turn of the 20th Century.
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Address: Tourist Information: Strasse der Einheit 3
Phone: +49 33 209 70899

This area, dominated by the presence of the stately Caputh Castle and its landscaped park, operated as a daily retreat from Berlin and Potsdam centuries ago. The entire property dates back to 1662, and has undergone a substantial renovation only a decade later. The landscape garden is among the few preserved structures commissioned by the prince elector. The castle, still, has remarkable interiors, reminiscent of bygone splendour and excessive luxury.
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