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Top Sights Near Barcelona

Barcelona is not a town you want to leave, unless only for a day. From the capital of Catalonia you can make a number of one day trips for example to Costa Brava – a trendy beach resort close to the French border, or you can climb the Muntanya de Montserrat – a mountain with a 16th-century abbey housing a statue of La Maroneta – a dark-skinned Madonna from the 12th Century. In the neighbouring province of Tarragona, there are still some remains of Roman structures to be found, as well as a Medieval cathedral and a cloister. If you're looking for some entertainment, you can either go to the Salou amusement park, 100 kilometres away from Barcelona or to the town of Stiges, only 40 kilometres away and famous for its film festival and the carnival, not to mention its magnificent beaches.

Alt Penedès
Address: Catalonia

Alt Penedes is an outstanding region of Catalonia, lying between Barcelona and Tarragona. It has wonderful landscapes, but what makes Alt Penedes popular are the vineyards. Aromatic white wines are produced here with fresh aromas, as well as rosé and red wine with a full body and rich flavour. What makes this town unique is its cavas (two of the main producers are Freixenet and Cordoníu), or sparkling wines, from the town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, which have a magnificent quality, to the delight of many in Spain making it famous worldwide. Alt Penedes offers a rich cultural and architectural atmosphere. It is a wonderful destination for a day trip outside Barcelona.
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Address: Catalonia

Badalona is a beautiful city situated in Catalonia, Spain, very close to Barcelona. The city lies on the left bank of the small river Besos and near the Mediterranean Sea. Badalona is famous for its station on the RENFE R1 suburban railway line from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat to Macanet-Massanes. It also has a small harbour supporting the fishing and the boat-building trades. Badalona has also developed industries for producing gas, chemicals and mineral-oil, people also produce woollen and cotton goods, glass, biscuits, sugar and brandy. The town is popular also with its grain, wine and fruit. Some people call Bandelona, Barcelona’s industrial suburb, because it contributes to the export trade of Barcelona.
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Basque Country

Although the Basque country is mainly associated with Spain, a small part of it lies in the southwest corner of France. It is situated somewhere between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean. The atmosphere is refreshing and there are numerous places to visit, in particular the beautiful tourist resorts.
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Address: Catalonia

Berga is the capital of the region of Bergueda in Catalonia, Spain. It is popular with its traditional festival of “La Patum”. This is a celebration that lasts five days every Corpus Christi feast. The name of the town comes from the Bergistani, an Iberian tribe that inhabited the area before the Roman Conquest. The Bergistani were first conquered by Hannibal in 218 BC. The local population rebelled against the Romans twice, but were defeated. In the Middle Ages, Berga was ruled by viscounts and since 988 has had its own counts.
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Address: Catalonia

The Besos River is a river flowing through Catalonia, Spain. It actually flows out into the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the most important cities it passes through are: La Garriga, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, Montcada I Reixac, Granolles, Les Franqueses, Montmelo and Aiguafreda. It is a typical Mediterranean river, very irregular during the year. In the past, Besos River was a link between the Catalan coast and the interior. The waters of the river were used to irrigate the Barcelona plain and the Rec Comtal was built around 10th Century. Unfortunately the Besos River was the most contaminated river in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s it has been thoroughly cleaned. In 2004, a recreation park was created, called Parc Fluvial del Besòs. It is spread in the cities of Barcelona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Sant Adrià del Besòs.
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Cerdanyola del Vallès
Address: Catalonia

Cerdanyola del Valles is a beautiful municipality situated in Catalonia, Spain, on the north side of the Collserola ridge. It hosts the main campus of the University Autonoma de Barcelona. The architecture of the municipality consists of modern buildings. There is a parish church, built in modernist style. Very attractive is the Sant Marcel castle, which was rebuilt in a Neogothic style. There is a beautiful botanical garden at El Pedregar with a wide collection of sculptures. Iberic remains have been found in the area. 2000 years ago, Cerdanyola was part of the Roman Empire. There are still remains of that time, such as the Roman aqueduct, the amphitheater and a trading route to Barcelona. The region offers a unique atmosphere combining modern and ancient influences.
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Costa Brava
Address: Catalonia

Costa Brava is one of the most attractive places located in Catalonia, Spain. It is located just 60 km northeast of Barcelona, on the French border. The city takes its name from the words Costa, which means “coast” in Catalan Spanish, and Brava, which means 'rugged' or “wild”. In the 1950s Costa Brava was famous as a holiday destination, mainly for package holiday tourists from Northern Europe and especially the United Kingdom. It offers a great combination of a perfect summer climate and fascinating beaches. Today Costa Brava is a very well developed tourist resort. It also guarantees an unforgettable time even for those who are looking for something different than sun, sand and sangria. There are several small towns in the area of Costa Brava, like Cadaques, which was one of the favourite places for Salvador Dali and Picasso, while today it is a fashionable resort. Other breathtaking coastal towns are Pals, Begur, Tamariu, Llafranc, Aigua Blava, Fornells and Sant Feliu de Guixols.
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Costa Dauradas
Address: Catalonia

Costa Dorada is an outstanding area situated along the shores of the southern part of Catalonia, outside of Barcelona. Its original name is Costa Daurada in Catalan and means Golden Cost, reminding one of its endless miles of flat golden sandy beaches. One of the most popular holiday destinations outside Barcelona, Costa Dorada stretches from the south of the Costa Brava to Tarragona. Costa Dorada covers about 6,283 square kilometres and has marvelous beaches with clean and fine sand and crystalline, shallow water. The place combines in a unique way the ambience of old and modern, natural and artificial. The whole area is dotted with quaint, peaceful towns and cheerful farmland, where olive groves, hazel, carobs, and almond trees flourish, plus several vegetable patches too. This region is well known for its finest wines, especially the strong reds from the Priorat. There are lots of wonderful vineyards in Costa Dorada. Some of the impressive villages and places in the city’s area are Reus, Valls, Montblanc, and Tortosa, as well as the great Medieval monasteries: Poble, Santes Creus and Scala Dei. Costa Dorada is famous for its gorgeous nature and beautiful landscape of Prades and Siurana. There are also several very good hunting reserves like: Tivissa, Cardo and Ports de Tortosa. Very famous for its history is the town Tarragona. Costa Dorada is more popular with its amazing beaches including: Cunit to Mont-roig, the Ebro delta, the Vandellos, L'Ampolla and L'Ametlla de Mar, which have steeper and narrower beaches, influenced by the nearby mountains. Here visitors can have a great time, enjoying the picturesque surroundings as well as the comfort of the modern facilities.
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