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The central location of Madrid makes it a perfect starting point for one day trips outside the city. You can even reach the somewhat distant cities of Seville, Toledo, Cordoba or Zaragoza, although you’d better book a hotel to stay there overnight as you’ll probably want to spend more time to see all that they offer. Closer to Madrid and allowing to have some rest from the busy city life, there is Montejo – a picturesque beech forest in the river bed of Jarama River where you can take long walks in peaceful surroundings. Also not far from the capital you'll find La Pedriza. This region of interesting geological features and beautiful landscapes is situated on the southern slopes of the Guadarrama mountain range. But particularly worth your visit is the city of Salamanca as it's one of the oldest and most impressive Spanish cities.

Alcala de Henares
Phone: +34 91 881 06 34

Alcalá de Henares, or Alcalá on the Henares, is a picturesque Spanish city around 30 kilometres away from Madrid. Famous for its culture and historical landmarks, the city is a wonderful destination for a one day trip from the Spanish capital. Alcalá lies in an austere area, surrounded by hills on the North and the East. In its Medieval centre, along meandering cobbled streets, you'll find many historic buildings.
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Aranjuez is a beautiful town located in the southern part of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, not far from the capital. It lies in the picturesque area between the rivers Tagus and Jarama and in a unique way combines the spirit of the past and the present day. Especially important for the development of the city was the reign of Felipe II (16th Century), who awarded Aranjuez the title of a Royal Site. The following centuries were crucial for the architectural shape of the city. Felipe V, in the 17th Century and Carlos III, in the 18th Century, transformed Aranjuez into a centre of the court where the architecture of the palace went hand in hand with the planning of the woods and gardens, all following the aesthetic taste of the Enlightenment.
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Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Cross of the Valley
Address: Cuelgamuros Valley, Sierra de Guadarrama

Abadía Benedictina de la Santa Cruz de el Valle de los Caídos or Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen is a famous monumental memorial, situated in the Cuelgamuros Valley not far from Madrid. It was built by the order of Francisco Franco in honour of those who died in the Spanish Civil War.
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Address: Guadarrama mountains

Cercedilla is a wonderful municipality, situated in the mountain range of Guadarrama, just 57 kilometres away from Madrid. At first it was built to provide lodgings at the crossing of an old Roman road connecting Titulcia with Segovia. Its remains can still be seen in the Valley of the Fuenfría. The Bridge of Descalzo (in the area of the Meadows of Cercedilla), as well as the Bridge of the Reajo and the Bridge of the Sale were parts of the road. The city provides a wonderful ski resort as well as other attractions like picturesque cycling routes, a natural swimming pool, a park of adventures, and a wonderful spots for bird watching . From the port of the Fuenfría visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Madrid in the distance.
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Chinchón is a lovely municipality in the Community of Madrid, just 45 kilometres away from Madrid. Its most impressive landmark is the Medieval square with an original shape, formed of houses of two and three floors with running balconies. Another emblematic monument of the city is the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (1534-1626). The original church was destroyed by the Napoleonic troops in 1808, but later it was rebuilt combining the Gothic style, Plateresque, Renaissance and Baroque elements. Here also the marvellous work of Goya, 'La Asunción de la Virgen' can be seen. Other highlights in Chinchón are the convent of the Nuns of the Order of St Clare, from the 17th Century; the Clock Tower; and the remains of a 15th Century castle. Worth seeing are also the beautiful courtyards and galleries supported by Doric, Ionic and Tuscan columns.
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Phone: +34 95 720 17 74

Cordoba is an amazing art, cultural and historical city, situated in Andalucia, in southern Spain. It is famous for the impressive architecture, reminding of the great past of the city when it was the thriving capital of the Calipathe of Cordoba. In the 10th Century, Córdoba was among the world's largest cities, considered a cultural, political and economic centre. From this time dates the magnificent landmark of the city, the Mosque of Córdoba. Its construction started in 784 and after it was finished it was converted to a Cathedral. Some of the city’s highlights include Alcázar of the Christian Kings (14th Century), the Palace of Viana with its flowered patios (16th Century), and The Door of the Bridge (16th Century) as well as the walls and towers from the Muslim and Christian period. Worth seeing are also the Roman and the Islamic archaeological remains and the impressive gardens and parks. Cordoba in a unique way combines the modern and the past and guarantees an unforgettable experience.
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Hayedo de Montejo de la Sierra

Montejo is a marvellous and often visited beech forest situated not far from Madrid. It lies in the river bed of Jarama River. Here the visitors can enjoy the picturesque nature surroundings, with beech trees, most of which date back to ancient times, and many other interesting plant species. It is a wonderful destination for a anyone who loves nature. The area has two signposted trails, one runs alongside the river Jarama and the other branches off in a different direction. The most recommended season for visiting is autumn, when tourists will fully enjoy the beauty of Mantejo forest.
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La Pedriza
Address: Manzanares el Real, Sierra de Guadarrama

La Pedriza is a lovely place combining great geological forms and beautiful nature, situated on the southern slopes of the combines Guadarrama Mountain range. It is known as one of the largest granite ranges of Europe with several peaks, rocky walls, streams and meadows. The power of the geological forces, over centuries, has created a wide range of unique rock formations. It is a perfect place for rock climbing as well as hiking in the beautiful surroundings. La Pedriza lies within Regional Park of the High River basin of the Manzanares, which is the largest park near Madrid. La Pedriza is rich in bird species and reptiles and it is definitely a great destination for a one-day escape from the bustling city.
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