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Museums in Vienna

Vienna offers its visitors an abundance of museums and art galleries designed to satisfy visitors of all ages and tastes. The Albertina Museum dedicates itself to Graphic Arts from the 14th Century onwards. The museum has one of the world’s best graphics collections and includes the renowned 'Clasped Hands' by Durer. Additionally there are over 60,000 drawings and around a million prints, which include works by Rubens, Cézanne, Klimt, and Picasso. Another 'must see' is the Lipizzaner Museum, which provides a colourful history about the foundation of the Spanish Riding School and includes its near annihilation during World War II. The museum exhibits an array of paintings, uniforms and equipment as well as valuable video footage. The museum also provides an opportunity to observe the famous white stallions in their stables. Also worth including on your itinerary are the Natural History Museum, the Schubert Museum and the Circus and Clown Museum.

Haus der Musik
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Haus der Musik , by Charlene Chu
House of Music
Address: Seilerstätte 30
  Phone: +43 1 516-48
Price: 0 - 10 EUR  

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10 -22  
The Haus der Musik is a museum dedicated to music, and it includes both hands-on and high-tech displays. Visitors can conduct the Vienna Philharmonic standing on the podium or wander through the building's halls and marvel reminders of the great Vienna composers – Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and a long line of other names. In the rooms, you can even listen to your favorite piece. There is a memorial named 'Exodus' that pays tribute to the Viennese musicians who were driven into exile or murdered by the Nazis. The Musicantino Restaurant, set on the top floor, offers a panoramic view over Vienna. The ground floor contains a coffeehouse.
Austrian Belvedere Gallery
Address: Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 27
  Phone: +43 1 795570
Price: 8 - 10 EUR  

Set southeast of Karlsplatz, the Belvedere is located on a slope above Vienna. Following designs by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, the Belvedere was erected as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy. The complex comprises two palatial structures each built of a series of interlocking cubes. The interiors are dominated by flowing staircases. Of particular note is the Gold Salon as well as the regal French-style garden. Unteres Belvedere, or Lower Belvedere, is a structure of around 1714–16, while Oberes Belvedere, or Upper Belvedere, was commenced in 1721.
Austrian National Library
Address: Josefplatz 1
  Phone: +43 1 534 10
Price: 2 - 2 EUR  

The Austrian National Library houses the royal library of the Habsburgs, which dates from the 14th Century. The library building, which was developed out of the premises of the court from 1723, is a still expanding structure which reaches to the Neue Hofburg. The Great Hall of the current library was ordered by Karl VI. Designed by the undisputable masters of Baroque, the von Erlachs, the hall is enhanced by the complete collection of Prince Eugene of Savoy, which constitutes the core of the site's holdings. Ranking as one of the finest libraries in the world, the library features a vast array of manuscripts, rare autographs, globes and maps, as well as other historic memorabilia.
Museum of Applied Art
Address: Stubenring 5
  Phone: +43 1 711360
Price: 4 - 8 EUR  

One of the highlights of the Museum of Applied Art is the rich collection of tapestries, some of which date from the 16th Century. The museum also houses the world's most outstanding display of Viennese porcelain. Of particular note is the Persian carpet depicting 'The Hunt', and the group of 13th-century Limoges enamels. At the museum you can also see Biedermeier furniture and an array of other antiques, such as glassware and crystal, as well as large collections of lace and textiles. The site has an entire hall devoted to Art Nouveau. The pieces from the Wiener Werkstatte, or Vienna Workshop, founded in 1903 by architect Josef Hoffman, are also exhibited here. In the workshop, well-known artists and craftsmen create a variety of objects, including glass, porcelain, textiles, wooden pieces and jewelry.
Address: Albertinaplatz
  Phone: +43 1 53483
Price: 7 - 9 EUR  

The Albertina Museum, named after the son-in-law of Maria Theresa, explores the Graphic Arts and their development since the 14th century. This site houses one of the world's largest graphics collections. Here are 'Dürer's Hare' and 'Clasped Hands'.These pieces are two of wiesthe world's most frequently reproduced works of art. Among Albertina's 60,000 drawings and some one million prints are the children's studies of Rubens, the masterpieces of Schiele, Cézanne, Klimt, Kokoschka and Picasso, as well as the work of Rauschenberg. Set in the core of Vienna, the museum is installed in the former Habsburg residence, an excellent classical palace, ranking among the world's greatest. The Albertina's state apartments are a great example of classical architecture. Following a substantial restructuring, the site now includes three new airy galleries on four floors, installed in a former city wall.
Haydn's House
Address: Haydngasse 19
  Phone: +43 1 596 1307
Price: 0 - 2 EUR  

Haydn's House is the site where Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 –1809) wrote his magnificent oratorios 'The Seasons and The Creation'. The composer lived in the house from 1797 until his death. This is also where he gave lessons to Beethoven here. The house contains a room which is a branch of the Historical Museum of Vienna, and honours Johannes Brahms.
Museum of Military History
Address: Arsenal 3
  Phone: +43 1 795610
Price: 0 - 5 EUR  

The Museum of Military History is the oldest state museum in Vienna. The building was constructed in 1850 – 56 in a style forshadowing the Ringstrasse. The interiors include exhibits delineating Habsburg military history, with their collection of defeats and triumphs. Of particular note is the display case in front of the Franz-Josef Hall, containing the six orders of the House of Habsburg which Franz Josef sported on public occasions. The Sarajevo Room features mementos of the infamous assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, the event which triggered World War I. The archduke's bloodstained uniform is on display, along with the bullet-scarred car in which he drove. Other exhibits are connected with the Austro-Hungarian Navy, while the array of frescoes depict significant battles, such as those against the Turks in and around Vienna.
Historical Museum of Vienna
Address: Karlsplatz 4
  Phone: +43 1 505 8747
Price: 0 - 4 EUR  

The Historical Museum of Vienna unfolds the entire panorama of Old Vienna's history, from the time the prehistoric tribes settled in the Danube basin. This site features Roman relics, artifacts from the reign of the dukes of Babenberg, as well as an array of memorabilia from the Habsburg sovereignty, along with arms and armor from various historical periods. A scale model shows Vienna from the Habsburg's heyday. The site also includes pottery and ceramics from the Roman era, 14th-Century stained glass, mementos of the Turkish sieges of 1529 and 1683, and examples of Biedermeier furniture. The museum also houses a section on Art Nouveau.
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