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Theatres in Nice

Nice offers a diverse range of theatrical entertainment with many small but excellent theatres. The Théâtre de Verdure is situated outside in a national park and hosts many afternoon plays dedicated to children. During the evening, it stages a range of performances suitable for all ages. 'Romeo and Juliet', 'The Lion King', 'Macbeth' and 'Billy Elliot' are some of the plays, which have been staged here. Another popular theatre, the small Theatre de l’Alphabet features a wide variety of entertainment from dramas and comedy to ballet and opera, but generally this theatre tends to stage more classic plays like Moliere and Sartre. Nevertheless, they are always staged with an extreme degree of professionalism. Also worth visiting is the Theatre de la Traverse, a new theatre on the rise with no set annual timetable. Indeed plays are staged for as long as people wish to see them with around four new productions each year all of which are quite varied in nature.

Theatre National de Nice
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Theatre National de Nice, by Brad
Theatre National de Nice
Address: Promenade des Arts
  Phone: +33 4 93 13 90 90
  e-mail: contact@  
Price: 8 - 32 EUR  

The National Theatre of Nice was built in 1989. It was founded within the Drama Centre of Nice - Cote d'Azur, which was established after the joint project of the French Ministry of Culture and the city of Nice in 1969. The project proved to be extremely successful in its numerous initiatives. Ever since, the theatre, enjoys a growing number of visitors and more and more premières The program for the season 2007 - 2008 features 296 performances. The architecture of the The National Theatre of Nice was inspired by the Museum of Contemporary Art, located very close to it, and it repeats its octagonal shape. Inside there is an Italian hall for 900 people, an amphitheatre for 300 people and a repetition hall. All forms of theatre are staged here, in one of the most important national centres of dramatic art.
Le Theatre Francis Gag
Address: 4, rue Saint Joseph
  Phone: +33 4 92 00 78 50

The theatre is located in the very heart of the old town - Vieux-Nice. It is the symbol of Nice and much more than a simple theatre. Named after the famous citizen of Nice - Francis Gag, the establishment implies the cultural and hearty impulse of the very soul of the city. Francis Gag was an intellectual, a historian, a poet, a writer and a humanist The theatre and the cultural centre have a special vocation - to promote the partnership with scholar organizations, amateur and association groups. It has the capacity and equipment for organization and carrying out of conferences, debates, forums, workshops and dramatic performances. Lately it turns more and more to its primal vocation - theatre, music and artistic performance on the stage. The theatre is one of the most beloved in town, the theatre of the people of Nice.
Theatre Lino Ventura
Address: 168, Boulevard de l’Ariane
  Phone: +33 4 97 00 10 70

Founded in 1992, the theatre is one of the newest but also biggest stages in town. With a hall for 700 people, it is the second biggest in Nice. The theatre was founded thanks to the political will of local institutions to promote and enhance cultural life in the neighbourhood of Ariane. It aimed to ensure stage for most famous and talented national and international artists to perform for the people of Nice. Various performances are held here - dance, theatre, music and more. About 20 events a year are initiated by the city of Nice and about 60 - by various groups and associations from local neighbourhoods or organizations.
L'Espace Magnan
Address: 31, rue Louis de Coppet
  Phone: +33 4 93 86 28 75
Price: 20 - 0 EUR  

Espace Magnan is a centre of many interests and potentials. It has a dance hall, a music hall, ateliers for visual arts. The centre has a hall of 149 places, in which cinema and photography are presented. The Hall of the Rampe Rouge is the name of the hall, which is destined for theatre performances especially. It is in fact a cafe-theatre, in which small performances are held as well as bigger ones, but in a very cosy atmosphere. The centre also has a library, a cafe and a multimedia centre. In art performances as well as in the workshops organized, the centre focuses lately on the means of modern communication.
Le Bouff' Scene Theatre
Address: 2, rue Caissoti
  Phone: +33 4 93 55 54 78

Bouff Scene is a cafe-theatre dedicated above all to comedy. In the warm ambiance of art, good wine and inspirational cosiness one has the feeling of being transported directly into the heart of French intellectual life of past Centuries. The theatre specialises in one-man show productions. It also performs theatre and dance performances of national and international prestige. Unique ambiance and one of the best art and drama lessons in town - this is a place, which deserves the fame of being typically and charmingly French.
Theatre de l'Inattendu
Address: 10, rue Delille
  Phone: +33 4 93 85 44 22

Le Theatre de L'Inattendu or The theatre of Unexpected is a unique artistic venue located in the city of Nice. It really brings the unexpected or the least expected on stage to enchant, captivate and stimulate any artistic inspiration. The theatre has a troupe of children, which is the basic element of each performance. It combines dramatic art, dance, music and ballet in beautiful artistic ensembles that are really worth seeing. Children love the place and are most welcome! They often find their real vocation in the unexpected theatre and many join its drama lessons.
Theatre des Oiseaux
Address: 6, rue de l’Abbaye
  Phone: +33 4 93 80 21 93

One of the places most dearly beloved by the youth of the city and young guests of Nice! The name means 'The theatre of Birds' and what it alludes to is freedom and the free mind. The place is a bar-restaurant at noon and becomes a theatre and bar in the evening. It is the venue where young people love taking a glass of wine or an aperitif and see a captivating performance. This is also the home of the local super star - Noelle Perna. Her one-woman shows are among the most talked about events in town. Together with theatre there is also a club of philosophy and a discussion centre - all three being united in a free-spirited ambiance - just "like a bird”!
Theatre le Teocali
Address: 16, rue Benoît Bunico
  Phone: +33 4 93 62 91 18

The place was founded in 2003 by Alain Teobaldi, a former showman. It is a cafe-theatre with about 49 places. Teocali features a lovely and very popular bar where young people and intellectuals love having a drink or two before or after the performance. Downstairs there is a stone cave with arched ceilings and specific acoustics. Here is the stage where dramatic, music and dance performances are presented. You can see big actors or amateur musicians perform here. The place has a very pleasing charm and style of its own.
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