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Venice eating out
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Bars in Venice

Venetian bars are essentially cafes, though they do sell alcoholic drinks. For those on thin budget, it is much cheaper to drink at the bar than at a table. The menu usually consists of standard bar foods, such as panini (grilled sandwiches often with ham and cheese) and tramezzini (sizeable white bread sandwiches, flattened and toasted, with tomato and cheese/cheese and ham/tuna). Venice has plenty of wine bars, or bacari as locals call them. Young Venetians and tourists mix in these popular spots, perfect to spend an evening out, tasting wine, light snacks or – in case of some places – larger meals.

Agli Ormesini
Address: Fondamenta degli Ormesini Cannaregio 2710
Phone: +39 041 71 3834

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Nice bar set in the old Jewish area offering over 600 kinds of beer from all over the world.
Features: The largest selection of beer in Venice
Al Calice
Address: Piazza Ferretto 70/B
Phone: +39 41 986100

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One of the oldest wine bars in Venice.
Features: Delectable snacks including sandwiches, fried vegetables, meatballs and fish
Al Canottieri
Address: San Giobbe Cannaregio 690
Phone: +39 041 71 7999

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Great place with delicious food and enjoyable atmosphere set in the San Marco area.
Features: Great local and regional wines
Al Paradiso
Address: Calle dei Paradiso San Polo 767
Phone: +39 041 523 4910

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Casual bar and cafe located in the thriving area of Campo San Polo.
Features: Delectable sandwiches, grilled vegetables, sardines and pizzas
Al Postali
Address: Rio Marin San Croce 421
Phone: +39 041 71 5156

Typical tavern located in the Santa Croce area.
Features: Classic Venetian wine, called 'ombra'
Al Vapore
Address: Via Fratelli Bandiera 8
Phone: +39 041 930796

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Cosy bar founded in 1986 with the purpose to develop the artistic and musical activity in the city of Venice.
Features: Live jazz, blues and rock concerts
Address: Cannaregio 5603
Phone: +39 41 52 0852

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Stylish bar and restaurant situated in the Cannaregio zone near the splendid Rialto bridge.
Features: Traditional Venetian dishes including octopus, vegetables, creamy cod, pasta, and fish
Cafè cantante - Havana
Address: Via Monti 7

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Great music cafe with regular karaoke nights.
Features: Various themed parties
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