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Shopping in Brussels
Gift Shops
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Gift shops in Brussels

In Brussels, you’ll find numerous interesting specialty shops offering a wide choice of national rarities. Treat yourself to delicious chocolates in one of the famous manufactures, like Neuhaus, Leonidas or Godiva. If you’re looking for precious old-fashioned furniture or bric-a-bracs, visit one of the antiques dealers or second-hand outlets. Art lovers will also appreciate the local art galleries. The main shopping street is along Rue Antoine Dansaert, where there are major fashion boutiques from prestigious Belgian designers such as Jean-Paul Knott, Annemie Verbeke and Nicolas Wait.

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Type: Accessories
Address: Rue A. Dansaert 89
Phone: +32 2 512 41 52

Popular shoe shop.
Features: Designer shoes and great leather accessories
Type: Clothes
Address: Boulevard de Waterloo 50
Phone: +32 2 511 20 62

Exclusive boutique by famous fashion designer.
Features: Luxury leather bags and other accessories
Type: Accessories
Address: Chaussée de Waterloo 1355
Phone: +32 2 375 78 87

Elegant boutique with men's clothes.
Features: Elegant men's clothes and shoes
Hugo Boss
Type: Clothes
Address: Avenue Louise 43-45
Phone: +32 2 538 0363

Elegant boutique by famous fashion brand.
Features: High quality elegant men's suits, ties, shirts, perfumes and accessories
Type: Clothes
Address: Woluwe Shopping Center
Phone: +32 2 771 20 50

Large clothing shop by famous brand.
Features: Colourful designer shirts, sweaters, trousers, skirts and coats for men, women and children
Type: Clothes
Address: Rue J. Stas 9
Phone: +32 2 513 44 33

Designer boutique with children's wear.
Features: Chic children's fashion
John Braye
Type: Accessories
Address: Galerie du Roi 20
Phone: +32 2 512 71 88

Elegant boutique with men's clothes.
Features: Elegant English-style clothes and shoes
Type: Clothes
Address: Rue L. Lepage 24
Phone: +32 2 511 79 70

Elegant boutique with Italian spirit.
Features: Casual and trendy men's clothes and shoes
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