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Eating out in Austria
Eating Out
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Austrian Dishes

In terms of food, Austria has a lot more to offer than just the world-famous Wiener Schnitzel. For example, Parmesanschoerberlsuppe, despite its difficult name, is another common and tasty dish consisting of a broth with small diamond-shaped parmesan-flavoured dumplings. You can also taste Salzburger Nockerln (dumplings), Tafelspitz (meat and vegetable stew) or Liptauer cheese (made from cow and sheep's milk), but don't forget about a sweet treat after the meal. It goes without saying that Austrian desserts rank among the best in all of Europe, which is why the famous Sachertorte, Linzertorte and Brataepfel (baked apples) also enjoy great popularity outside Austria.

Baked apples constitute one of the most traditional Christmas treats in Austria. The wonderful smell of brataepfel, blending with the aroma of mulled wine, gingerbread, cotton candy and glazed fruit, creates the magical atmosphere of... more
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Germknoedel, by Felix Borchers
Germknoedel is the Austrian take on sweet dumpling. It's a steamed ball of yeast dough filled with powidl, a kind of plum jam, and topped with vanilla sauce, poppy seed, melted butter or sugar. Though it might seem that this... more
Groestl is considered to be one of the most representative dishes of the hearty cuisine from the region of Tyrol. It emerged as a practical and tasty way of using meat and vegetable leftovers. Usually, pan-fried potatoes were combined with... more
Kaiserschmarren are shredded thick pancakes filled with jam or fruit and toppped with powdered sugar and served with jam or stewed fruit. It's another sweet Austrian dish that is equally popular as a dessert and as a lunch meal. It was named... more
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Linzertorte, by Eddie Hales
The Linzertorte is a classical Austrian cake made of layers of dough with nuts and almonds and a filling of raspberry or red currant jam. It's covered by a characteristic lattice of dough strips. It was developed in the city of Linz, from which it... more
A popular Austrian speciality, Liptauer cheese is believed to have originated in Slovakia during the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It’s a dish made from spiced white cheese produced from a mixture of cow’s and sheep’s milk. Seasoned with... more
When you see the name of this typical soup from the area of Vienna, it becomes clear why foreigners visiting Austrian restaurants find ordering of this dish a bit of a problem. The specialty itself is well-worth all the trouble. This delicious soup... more
This culinary classic was invented by Franz Sacher for Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich in 1832. The most famous Austrian cake is made of two layers of thick but not very sweet chocolate dough interlaid with a thin layer of apricot jam, and iced... more
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