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Eating out in Austria
Eating Out
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Austrian Dishes

In terms of food, Austria has a lot more to offer than just the world-famous Wiener Schnitzel. For example, Parmesanschoerberlsuppe, despite its difficult name, is another common and tasty dish consisting of a broth with small diamond-shaped parmesan-flavoured dumplings. You can also taste Salzburger Nockerln (dumplings), Tafelspitz (meat and vegetable stew) or Liptauer cheese (made from cow and sheep's milk), but don't forget about a sweet treat after the meal. It goes without saying that Austrian desserts rank among the best in all of Europe, which is why the famous Sachertorte, Linzertorte and Brataepfel (baked apples) also enjoy great popularity outside Austria.

Salzburg dumplings are actually a kind of free-form sweet omelette or souffle. They're most typically arranged in three scrumptious golden domes of crust. Restaurant guests who order Salzburger Nockerln are sometimes shocked by the size of... more
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Schlutzkrapfen, by Gigi Tagliapietra
One of the most popular starter dishes in Austria are small ravioli-like pasta envelopes filled with spinach, pumpkin seeds and goat's cheese. They began as a rich and filling meals for farmers inhabiting the southernmost part of the Austrian Tyrol.... more
This traditional Austrian stewed is based on beef and root vegetables. The piece of meat for this delicious stew is selected very carefully from the upper part of the hind leg of a young ox. Austrian butchers call this part tafelspitz, which... more
Wiener Schnitzel
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Wiener Schnitzel, by Sir_Leif
Probably the most famous of all dishes developed in Austria, Wiener schnitzel was eaten in Vienna as early as in the 15th Century. This exquisite speciality is traditionally made from thinly sliced and tenderised veal, which is then dipped into... more
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