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Eating out in Belgium
Eating Out
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Belgian Dishes

When you're in Belgium, there are several dishes you simply have to try. One of them are the traditional fries served in many different ways; with mussels, with meat, or in the street sold from special stalls with various sauces, most often mayonnaise. The Belgians claim it was them who invented fries first, and disregard the objections of the French who also lay claim to the invention of this dish. Other Belgian specialties include Stoemp, mashed potatoes with various toppings, Konijn met Bier (rabbit in beer) and Waterzooi, a traditional Belgian soup. For dessert, don't forget about the excellent Belgian chocolate and waffles, often topped with whipped cream and fruit or ice cream.

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Chocolate , by Jim Simandl
Chocolate is a symbol of Belgium and one of the most popular exported goods. There is over 2,000 chocolate shops in Belgium itself. Although producing a wide range of chocolates, the most recognisable are definitely pralines - beautifully sculpted... more
Belgium is also the homeland of another vegetable of wide culinary application: the Belgian endive. What makes it different from other endives is that it is cultivated in total darkness, which accounts for its creamy, rather than green, colour.... more
Belgium is definitely a country of fries. Some say that Belgians actually invented this simple potato-based speciality, although the French claim it's their idea. Whoever is right there is no doubt that fries are one of the most popular additions to... more
Rabbit in beer is one of the most typical and well-known Belgian dishes. As a whole, Belgian cuisine is not complicated, fairly inexpensive and very delicious. The beer used in this dish is usually the original Belgian Kriek, which is used in many... more
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Mitraillette , by Daniele Pesaresi
Mitralliette, literally meaning 'machine gun', is a popular snack in Belgium. It's a kind of a sandwich with Belgian fries, meat, sauces and different additions. Sold usually on the streets or in bars, it's cheap and very delicious. more
Although Belgians are a meat-eating nation, seafood is also very popular. Especially worth trying are mussels. Served mostly during the summer, they are prepared in a variety of ways so everyone can find a taste that they like. Served, of course,... more
Salade Liégeoise
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Salade Liégeoise , by Andreea
Especially popular in the region of Liege, Salade Liegeoise is a typical Belgian light dish. It consists mostly of haricots vert, which is French for green bean, which is very popular in Belgium. more
Stoemp is a dish that's very popular across Belgium and the Netherlands. It's basically mashed potatoes with different additions, such as root vegetables, cream, bacon, herbs or spices. Stoemp is typicall for Belgian cuisine as it's easy to make,... more
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