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Eating out in Hungary
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Hungarian Dishes

This most famous cake was invented in 1884 and named after its creator, a renowned Hungarian confectioner called Jozsef Dobros. It is made from a five layers of vanilla, lemon or saffron sponge cake with chocolate buttercream between each layer and... more
This a traditional potato pasta very similar to Italian gnocchi. The dish is made from finely grated potatoes mixed with salt eggs and flour to create a batter.Traditionally the mixture was put through a special strainer and then dropped in iregular... more
Hungarian goulash is considered to be a soup in Hungary. It is a spicy dish usually made from onions, beef, red peppers and paprika. The word Gulyás means herdsman in Hungarian. Some chefs recommend flour or cornflour to thicken the soup,... more
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Halászlé , by hacsesz
This hot soup is made from fresh water fish. It is popular all over Hungary but is thought to have originated from the Balkans. Traditionally, the soup was prepared in kettles over an open fire by fishermen. The soup is spiced with paprika and black... more
Hideg Meggyleves
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Hideg Meggyleves, by Norci
Hideg Meggyleves is a cold, cream-based cherry soup popular throughout summer in Hungary. Hideg means 'cold' and meggy means 'sour-cherries' and leves means 'soup'. Traditionally this dish is served as an appetiser or a dessert during evening meals... more
Kifli is a traditional Hungarian sweet pastry, which is made from triangular sheets of soft flour dough. The triangles are then rolled to create crescent shapes. Kifli can contain a variety of ingredients including vanilla, pecans, jam, poppy seeds,... more
This is a traditional Hungarian stew consisting of tomato, peppers, paprika and onions. Variations exist between the recipe in the north and south of the country. In the north, the paprika and onions are fried in bacon fat or lard, whereas in the... more
This is a popular savoury scone made from yeast dough or short dough. Traditionally it contains pork crackling known as Tepertő as well as paprika, but there are many variations such as goose, red oinion, garlic, poppy seed, sesame or... more
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