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Eating out in Croatia
Eating Out
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Croatian Drinks

With its abundance of water springs, Croatia is one of the leading exporters of mineral water in Europe. The country’s leading producer is Jamnica, which also manufactures popular soft drinks. Another major providers inlcude Lipički Studenac ,...
This traditional Croatian liqueur is made from extracts of green walnuts. It has a specific spicy taste with a slightly bitter smack. Orahovac is usually drunk after meals, as a digestive, but it also blends well with traditional Balkan sweets and... more
Similar to Jägermeister, Pelinkovac is an herbal bitter liqueur, made of wormwood, extremely popular throughout the Balkans, mostly in the former Yugoslavian republics. The major brand of pelinkovac is the Gorki List, which is a Croatian... more
Rakija is a strong liquor, with alcohol content ranging from 40 to 60 percent, that is widely popular throughout the Balkans. Similar to brandy, it is originally made of fermented fruit, mostly grapes, but peaches, apricots, apples or figs can also... more
Sok Od Bazge, is the Croatian name for eldberry juice. It is a customary Croatian drink, recommended as a remedy for all ailments, from an ordinary cold to arthritis and asthma. Its healing properties have been known since the ancient times and... more
Traminac is a Croatian wine similar to the famous Gewürztraminer. It is made from grapes that originate from the South Tyrolean village of Tramin. This aromatic grape variety has high sugar content and a distinctive bouquet of roses, passion fruit... more
Croatian wine has a very long history that reaches even beyond the Roman times. The first vineyards were established in the ancient era and were believed to be the finest of the times. Then, the wine-making expansion was carried on by the Romans who... more
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