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Eating out in Germany
Eating Out
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German Drinks

In Germany, drinking is a very important element of the country's culture and traditions. For example, the famous Oktoberfest, a national celebration devoted to beer taking place every year in Munich, is one of the most important events of the year. Apart from beer, Germany produces decent wine and a number of stronger alcohols. The country's flagship is Jaegermeister, a strong liquer made with 56 different herbs. Germans often drink various kinds of Schnapps, or fruit brandies, such as Kirschwasser, a kind of brandy made from cherry juice. Other popular drinks include Apfelwein, which is a German version of cider, and Wassail, a hot and spicy punch traditionally served in the winter, especially for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

This popular soft drink is the most common version of Fruchtschorle. It is a mixture of soda water and apple juice. Its main brands are Lift, Gerolsteiner and Bizzl. Apfelschorle is a great refreshing beverage, which can be also easily prepared at... more
Apfelwein is a German version of cider, which is commonly drunk all over Europe, mostly in France and Great Britain. It is originally produced from apples. It has several other names, according to the region of its origin, such as Ebbelwoi,... more
Apple-Spritzer, one of the most popular soft drinks in Germany, is a mixture of soda water with a splash of apple juice. This sugar-free beverage is especially popular with sportsmen. It is characterised by a delicate taste and aroma of fresh... more
Beer is very common in all parts of Germany, however almost every region has its own variety, which cannot be found anywhere else. There are almost 1300 breweries throughout the whole country and it is the second highest number in the world. In... more
Buttergrog is a traditional German hot drink, served usually in the winter. It originates from Grog, which came to Germany from England in the 18th century. In contrast to the traditional grog, prepared with rum, it is based on apple cider. Apart... more
Eierlik├Âr is a German name for eggnog. This delicious liqueur based on rum, brandy, or whisky is made also from milk, cream, sugar and beaten eggs, which ensure the unique smooth and frothy texture. It is then flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg.... more
Nothing tastes better in cold winter evenings than the original German eierpunsch. As its name suggests (Eierpunsch means 'egg punch') this popular liquor is based on eggs and is similar to eggnog. The traditional recipe includes of egg whites,... more
Eiswein, internationally known as ice wine is a popular dessert wine. It owes its name to fact that the grapes used in the process are frozen when they are still growing, long before they start to ferment. Consequently, Eiswein is a very sweet... more
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